Catching Dreams... Visions... and Sacred Pauses

The first week of July I offered a dream catcher I made to Mother Nature, to catch my dreams and allow my path to become clearer. Since then I have been swirling in dreams and visions... and I see amazing new things on the horizon. I am still unsure how it all will weave together, but I know the Moon has some pretty big plans to spread her wisdom and mysteries through me.

I have noticed this year that I have been more quiet in this space, and in general. I feel a need to stay internal right now, go within while some big currents and shifts move though me. 

I am taking a Sacred Pause this Summer... something I never do! But it is something needed for my body and soul. I have began to feel the onset of burnout.... and I know a lot of it is because I have not established boundaries for myself with social media, computer time, down time.... I feel a major disconnect with my body. I live in my mind and higher chakras a lot and just assume my body will keep up with my light-speed thoughts and ideas. I can't tell you how many times I forget to eat in a day. Maybe that is why I have no energy! I honestly do not think about it. I could get away with that while I was in college, but not anymore.

I am forcing myself to slow down. My goals this Summer are to sleep more. Dream more. Be out in nature more. Cook more meals. Eat more. Spend less. Read more. Yoga more. Connect in person more. I've let technology get the best of me. It is so hard to establish new habits and outlooks, but this Summer has marked some huge transitions for me already. I began my new journey as  a yoga teacher only to injure my shoulders immediately because I didn't listen to my body; another way my body told me to slow down. I am about to release more baggage from my heart with a cord-cutting session, and at the end of July on the Full Blue Moon in Aquarius I will be initiated as a Priestess. I need to allow myself this time to just BE, so whatever spirit decides to move though me can come to the surface so I can listen and respond.

Another amazing thing on the horizon is our oracle deck Spirit De La Lune! Rachael and I just ordered our two samples to play and work with. I felt called to write the book with the cards in my hands so their messages in their purest forms could come through. This Sacred Pause will give me the time needed to dive deep into the mysteries of the Moon, these images and moondalas. This Moon oracle has been in my heart for years and to see it come to life has been such an amazing, emotional, joyful experience. We have so much in store for these decks, we cannot wait to share them with you!

Moondaughter is radically shifting into something deeper, and bigger than what I had ever imagined. She is in the cauldron melting and transforming with Spirit. All I can do is brew in this moment... enjoy the process... the unfolding... and allow this deeper magic to settle into my skin. 

Don't be afraid to take your own Sacred Pause and allow your dreams to fly on the wind. You never know what will call you forth deeper into your spirit and path.

And so it is.

 Blessed be,

Marissa Moondaughter

moon my compass // intuition my voice // crystals my companions

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