Crystal Power and Giveaway Winner

These are a few pictures from my photo shoot with Katelyn a couple weeks back. Oh how I wished we lived closer! I miss her so much! It feels so good to know I have kindred sisters out there even if they live states apart. I'll take our deep texting convos about Charmed episodes any day! I love you Katelyn! I can't wait to show you all the rest of the pictures when they are ready. It was such a magical day romping in nature, finding vines to get tangled into, climbing up steep hillsides in sandals to capture the last rays of the sun. Constantly laughing and giggling like young maidens. Sigh.

In the pictures I am holding my very special Smoky Quartz generator that I got in Sedona.  As much as I love Moonstone, Smoky will always have a special place in my heart. Whenever I hold a Smoky Quartz, I just feel like I return to myself. I remember the deeper, wiser me if that makes sense. Smoky completely shifts my aura. Do any crystals do that for you?

The power of crystals lie deep in the heart of Mother Earth. To hold them, to carry them, to use them for healing and the highest good is to honor Gaia. It is sacred work. I believe it also heals our connection with Nature. The first time I went to Sedona and purchased my first few crystals I had no idea what laid before me. Each crystal I have collected since reminds me of a time elsewhere, either in a past life or different dimension, I am not sure. I just know I always want to feel this connection to the crystal realm. I am honored to share their stories and wisdom with others.

The next Moon cycle, Planting Moon,  is coming up... On the new moon April 18th I will be guiding my first live workshop: Crystal Energy at Unfold Yoga. This is such a dream come true for me. And this is only the beginning! If you are in Southern California, I would love for you to gather with us! Bring your crystals, learn about their energy, and connect to their healing power. You can sign up over here. 


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PS. The winner of the Fractal Lotus giveaway is Jessica Kinsey! You will be emailed very soon! Thank you so much to all who entered!