Stone Medicine: Earth Day

Happy Earth Day Moon Beams!  

I thought it would be fun to share with you some ways  to work with your crystals today and give back to Mother Earth!

The power of crystals lie deep in the heart of Mother Earth. To hold them, to carry them, to use them for healing and the highest good is to honor Gaia. It is sacred work. I believe it also heals our connection with Nature.

Create A Crystal Stonehenge

Go out into nature, and place a circle of stones for the land. These stones should have a special meaning to you and be an offering from the heart. In the center you can leave an offering of food or seeds for the animals, plant a tree or a native plant in the circle, leave an offering of flowers, or a bundle of herbs. Whatever feels fitting to you. Give your thanks to the land you live on and leave this beautiful offering behind. The crystals will be picked up by animals or humans who need them next!

Crystal Gardening

Set up crystals or plant crystals in your garden! You can even place the crystals in one section in your garden - think of it as a playground for the fairies and gnomes! Rose quartz nourishes Roses and flowering plants, bury Green Moss agate or Red jasper into the soil to nourish the roots of the plants, and Clear quartz may speed up growth and harvest time! You can place crystals in your fountains or bird baths to infuse their water with higher vibrations. Your garden will be enchanting!

Infused Water

Speaking of water, put Citrine or Clear quartz in your watering can and let this potent essence nourish your plants! If you want more Yin, or feminine energy infused into your plants, add Ocean Jasper to the mix!

Indoor Flower Grids

Bring the vibrant energy of Mother Earth into your home. Place a bouquet of flowers on your kitchen table, or your hearth - the heart and warmth of your home, wherever that may be in your home. Surround the vase with crystals to invite specific energy into your home. Surrounding my Sunflowers are Citrine and Clear quartz to bring in more energy and positivity. Your flowers may last longer too!

I hope these ideas have helped inspire ways for you to honor Earth today and everyday! There is so much more coming to this space! I can't wait to share it all with you! 

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