My Yoga Training

What can I really say about this whole experience? It has been challenging, rewarding, and most of all beautiful. I finished the lecture section of my Yoga training 2 weeks ago. And now I am beginning my teacher shadowing! I am so excited and nervous!

There is still so much to learn and process. Yoga is a beautiful way to live - it is not a religion, but a philosophy that can benefit anyone's beliefs and spiritual path. there is so much more to Yoga than just asanas- the movement and postures. Yoga, in sanskrit means "to yoke" "to merge" - yoking the mind, body, and spirit to merge into one. We are all one, we are all connected and can tap into this beautiful state of consciousness, and yoga can help us do so.

In Yoga there are Yamas and Niyamas, actions and observances to help us be better humans.  There are kriyas, cleansing techniques to purify our bodies and minds. Ayurveda is the sister science of Yoga, learning to create balance with the energies within us, with food and nourishing rituals. And of course, chakras play a part in balancing our energies as well. The list can go on and on.

The Hanuman mudra for the Full Moon and devotion.

The Hanuman mudra for the Full Moon and devotion.

I have changed these past 4 months... I still can't explain these changes, but my yearning for spirit has grown stronger. I am a vegetarian now because I don't want to eat my friends. My awareness has grown - I am not strong in strengthening postures, but I am great at balancing and I am drawn to restorative and yin yoga. I am more in touch with my body.

I am so excited to merge Moondaughter with my newfound yoga knowledge. I want to teach specific asanas to flow with the Moon, not just the standard Chandra Namaskar (Moon Salutations), but specific to the moon phases we are in. I will always add crystals, tarot and oracle cards, and essential oils to my classes. I just can't help it. I want to create specific asanas for each chakra. 

So many opportunities to learn and grow have opened because of this beautiful training. I want to be able to get into bakasana (crow pose), and perfect my chaturanga dandasana (I can barely do one pushup). For a while I judged myself for not being able to do specific poses.

"A Yoga teacher should know how to do that"

"You are not fit to be a yoga teacher"

In the end, I have realized I just need to be me. I need to show up authentically and sincerely and teach from the heart. I need to remember that everyday.

Cloud Nine Yoga training merges the physical aspects and spiritual aspects of yoga so beautifully. I knew I needed that balance when searching for a yoga training school. My teachers are so amazing! They balanced each other's energies perfectly, and our lectures were never boring. They created an atmosphere to explore in without fear, but fun and joy. Unfold Yoga was the beautiful little studio we learned in. It is intimate and full of light. 

My little yoga family was filled with strong and inspiring women. We grew and bonded and it was amazing to see everyone's journey unfold together. I learned so much from each of them.

As a final project we had to create a one hour asana and teach a 20 minute snippet of it. This project is so dear to my heart, friends. I am even working on it to be an actual live workshop in the future. It definitely exceeds one hour! I combined my love for Tarot, my ecourse Tarot Journey, and yoga! It is my Fool's Journey Asana... moving through the 22 cards of the Major Arcana. Embedding the wisdom of Tarot into your body with a moving meditation. I am looking to combine Tarot Journey and this asana into a workshop in the Orange County area sometime this year. If you are local and are interested stay on the lookout!

Above is a picture of one part of the savasana (all the photos are credited to one of my lovely yoga teachers, Hannah :). 

However, coming soon to the blog will be the Fool's Journey Asana! I'll share one pose a week starting with the Fool ! The start date is yet to be determined, but I will let you all know when!

Overall I just feel extremely blessed and I am so excited to see how 2015 will expand and unravel. New beginnings are on the horizon. My spirit is soaring.


Marissa Moondaughter

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