Sacred Mornings

My mornings are anything but sacred. They are hazy. Unintentional. Unconscious. Roll-out-of-bed -and-get-to-work kind of mornings. My word of the year, Devotion, is going to be so hard for me. Especially in the mornings.

I am a night owl through and through, and the Moon is like my sun. Which is fine, but I also need balance. I need to remember the Sun too. I want my mornings to be sacred, I want to be centered before I go to work. I want to be AWAKE! before coffee!

But I know I need to ease into it. This will not be easy for me. And I need to find my morning rhythm and honor it. I wanted to throw this out there into the world to keep me accountable.

And then I did this today. We do not have the best mattress (a goal of mine is to get a better one this year), and lately I've been waking up to a very tight lower back. While I was still half asleep I rolled my legs up against the wall, and breathed and slept. Jimmy still sleeping, nestled his arm around me and it was lovely to slowly wake up like this, as my alarm was blaring. 

I brought my legs into a figure four against the wall and let gravity release my hips. And then I brought my feet together into butterfly again, up on the wall. And somehow I found myself sitting up with my hands at heart center and I was awake. I just did an asana half asleep in bed before I woke up to start my day! What the what! I was so excited I took these photos after the fact.

I started where I was literally. Asleep in bed. My spirit led me and my cells remembered. I need to trust myself like this everyday! I am inspired to have more mornings like these. I will keep you updated with my morning routine as it evolves and unfolds.

please tell me, loves,

What is your morning routine?

How do you start your day with intention and spirit? 

Mornings Blessings,

Marissa Moondaughter

moon my compass // intuition my voice // crystals my companions

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