Moments: Mother Earth

This week in Elemental we are exploring the realm of Earth. I love how though I am one of the guides, I am learning and growing too. I feel more in tune with Earth than I ever have been before. These are snippets from this past weekend and week so far.

Jimmy and I planted peppers, squash, and watermelon! Any advice and ideas of natural and non-toxic pesticides would be great! When we were planting, I had to pause and honor a deep connection I had felt with the land... Like it was in my blood. I had never felt that before and I felt connected to my ancestors. It was beautiful.

Of course, a great grounding exercise is to just stand bare foot on Mama Earth herself. Feel her warmth and support and love. Laying on her body and just completely resting is heaven!

What better Earth medicine than super yummy food?! Jimmy out did himself (and made me fall more in love with him) by whipping up the yummy avocado snack and gorgeous salad above. He sprinkled sea salt, dill, pepper, and lime juice on the avocado! So good! And the rainbow salad had cucumber, shredded carrots, sun-dried tomato, gigantic northern white beans, and Tahini dressing all on organic greens. I think this will be a salad we will keep in our recipe book!

I have felt very grateful and blessed indeed this week. Thank you Mama Earth.

Ps. If you missed Elemental the first time, we will be launching it again in October! So stay tuned for more details! You can also follow along with us on IG (@moondaughter) with the hashtag: #elementaljourney

Earth Blessings,

Marissa Moondaughter

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