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I want to hear your Story!

Saturn Return Guests Posts on Moondaughter! Share your story!

I am approaching my 28th year, which also means my Saturn is returning. The planet Saturn will come back to the same exact degree when I was born between my 28th and 29th year. This is called your Saturn Return. And usually when this happens, some major shifts take place in your life. From everything I have read, Saturn dishes you some tough love, but you come out stronger and wiser for it. Here is a better explanation of the SR.

So in order to prepare, I am wanting to hear from those who have been through the wringer. If you have been through or are going through your Saturn Return right now (and you feel called to write about it and share it on my blog), please email me at!

This series is going to be amazing and healing and potent. I already have a lot of amazing guest posts lined up for you starting this coming Saturday! This series will take place on Saturdays (the day of Saturn of course:) So be prepared for some amazing stories. The intention of this series to help prepare those who are about to go into their SR (like me) and for those who already have been through it but need more healing and insights.

Stay tuned moon children!

Saturn Blessings,

Marissa Moondaughter

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