Raw Self Love

raw self love

I have been struggling with some deep issues of self love lately, and I guess you can say shit hit the fan this past week. Stress and nerves kicked my butt, realities I didn't want to accept smacked me in the head, and now I am finally shaken up ready to listen. 

I was hard on myself. And that's self-love too.

Sometimes we need to give ourselves some tough love. Don't get me wrong, I am all about soothing and nourishing self-love that is tender and heart warming, but I am also fiery and I am not afraid to say to myself, " what's up with you, Marissa?" When I embodied the fiery sassy goddess in me and finally called myself out, I released what I needed to release. It was hard - I wanted a pity party, but I accepted myself and my lesson and moved on.

And you know what? It felt pretty damn empowering.

So I am calling this Raw Self Love. We need this rawness to pump us up, get empowered, and switch gears.

Since I have accepted this tough love, my life is flowing again. There are no obstacles I made for myself. I cleared the way because I threw out my guilt for being hard on myself. Sometimes I am hard on myself for no good reason, but sometimes I am because I need it. And to know the difference finally is a game changer.

Tough Love. Raw Self Love. True Love. 

My Wild Woman is calling

I know I am enough. And. So. Are. You.

raw self love

What is your Raw Self Love?

Oh, and Happy Full Moon :)

In Fierce Love,

Marissa Moondaughter

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