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bohemian dreams giveaway @ moondaughter

Name: Byron Bourne

Shop: Bohemian Dreams 
'A place of new age jewelry using the power of crystals + a love for the sun + moon for gorgeous goddesses'.

Tell us about yourself:  I live on the Gold Coast in Australia, I am 29 and married to a absolutely gorgeous man and mum to a fur baby called Bambi.  I am a creative soul and growing up, I was alway into arts and craft and after completing high school, I got my diploma to be a makeup artist and have been for the last 10 years.  While I do love my job, I found that it wasn't fulfilling me the same way it used to and after going through some extremely hard times in my life, I decided to take on a spiritual journey in about October last year, and it was the BEST decision I have ever made.  As a young child, my aunt from Germany would often gift me with crystals, so they have always interested me and I just wanted to learn more about them and their properties hence the reason for me starting my etsy store - jewellery + crystals.... Yes please!  My store is only new and already I have had international orders sent out to USA, Canada and Austria!  I just want to share these good vibes with everyone! 

What is you favorite season?  I LOVE Autumn in Australia.  It is the perfect temperature to be outside and enjoy all of mother earth's goodness!  

What makes your spirit buzz?  That feeling of excitement you get from anything that makes you happy.  I have learnt to shift my feelings big time and now often take a moment for all the beautiful things I have in life.

What is your relationship with the moon?  This is still very new to me, but I am loving learning about the moon and all it's cycles.  I love the amazing feeling I get when I go out onto my deck, under a full moon and do a ritual and meditate.  The feeling is indescribable!

Your favorite motto/quote: I wish to live a life that causes my soul to dance inside my body.

byron's altar on moondaughter

What's on your altar right now? My gorgeous hand made (by me) feather smudge wand, a glass jar of feathers, Tibetan singing bowl, abalone shell + sage, Himalayan salt candle holder + candle, a large amazonite tower, sunstone, geode amethyst, smokey quartz, rainbow quartz tower.

Favorite spiritual book? Spirited by Tara Bliss + Rachel MacDonald

Anything else you'd like to share? I would like to offer Moondaughter readers a discount on all items in my store during the duration of the giveaway! Use the code MOONDAUGHTER for 20% off in my shop!

The Giveaway Details!

Byron is so generously giving away 3 of her gorgeous pieces! Enter the widget below! The three winners will be drawn in one week's time! In your comment tell us your top 2 choices!

Choose between (click the images to make them bigger!):

  1. Thunderbird Ring

  2. Blue Rainbow Aura Quartz Necklace

  3. Crescent Moon Necklace

Good luck! And we hope you have sweet Bohemian Dreams!!

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