Moondaughter FAQ is Here!

I finally have an FAQ page (thank you to my wonderful Moondaughter intern Raina!)! 

Remember there is only 2 weeks left before I close the CMP enrollment! I need the next couple of months for other projects and to create the Self-Study CMP program! This will be the last round of "live" cmp courses with the community working through the content together! 

I plan on launching the Self study program in the Fall, but that is the tentative launch! I will keep you all updated on the progress!

I am also still getting a lot of the same questions, so I will be posting the most common ones below:

  • What are the dates for the upcoming CMP courses?
    • Lunar Flow: New Moon August 25th 2014
    • Tarot journey: October 1st 2014
    • Stone Medicine: Date to be determined - Winter 2015
    • Chakra Rhythm: Date to be determined - Spring 2015
  • What would be my time investment for each course?
    • It depends on how much you want to invest in your spiritual development and yourself. I suggests rituals, meditations, reflections, and other activities each week of each course that can take an hour or up to 4 hours a week. The more time you can put in the more you will learn and get out of the CMP.


  • Do I need to be on my computer at a certain time? Is there 'Live' recordings?
    • There are no live recordings or online meet ups in the CMP program. I put weekly content up in the private classrooms and then we interact and discuss what we are going through in the Facebook group. I send emails and encourage people to participate in the community especially before I create the self study option!
  • Why is June the only time to sign up for the CMP? Are you getting rid of it?

    • June is the last time to sign up for the CMP where we go through the e-courses together as a group in the FB community. The community is active, inspiring, and when all of us work together through each course it adds more to the learning experience and spiritual journey. However, I am in the middle of redesigning and creating self study options for the CMP. So after June I need a break to focus on that. Lunar Flow begins again on August 25th, so this will be the last round of “live” CMP courses to take place indefinitely. Live meaning what I said up above - working together as a group in the community through each course. Sign up now to experience the courses with the groups like this!


There are two ways to enroll!

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