Doe Mesa Hike in Sedona

This was a beautiful first hike in Sedona. It is called Doe Mesa because the deer would graze up here because it was safer and predators could not traverse the steep cliffs. The Native Americans would make sure to keep the predators at bay and give the deer some peace, instead of hunting the deer as easy targets atop the mesa. Luckily there is a trail now and it's a good little tush workout! We hiked up pretty fast because the sun was going down, but we were able to catch the landscape at golden hour, and it was so worth it! Doe Mesa is 700 ft above the Sedona valley, so the view was gorgeous. I highly recommend this hike! Tomorrow I will be sharing the ceremony I performed at Cathedral Rock!

And please pray for Sedona and Flagstaff right now. There is a huge fire with over 800 brave firefighters working to contain it. It burned 450 to 4500 acres in 24 hours. Please pray for safety, containment, and rain to wash away this severe drought and heal the land! 

Lunar and Crystal Blessings,

Marissa Moondaughter

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