Along the Way to Sedona

  1. Packing pretty clothes
  2. Packed up gems to cleanse in Sedona!
  3. Peace from Tempe
  4. The Grand Highland Hotel in Prescott
  5. My favorite kind of bathtub!
  6. The Singing Cricket Room
  7. Exploring
  8. Vintage postcards

Here are the first few days of our vacation!

We love road trips, so we drove up to Sedona from southern Arizona because I had never been. The first night we stayed in Scottsdale and went to Papago Brewing and had some good beer and pizza (needless to say, I was not eating or drinking very healthy on this trip and now I am still recuperating!).

The next day we drove to Tempe and found an awesome gem store in the mall of all places. It was like a huge crystal warehouse! If you live near by it's called Black Market Minerals and I felt like I was in a toy store! I wish I had crystal stores around me!

We then made our way up north to Prescott, and it was definitely cooler! It is a cute little mountain town, you would have never thought you were in Arizona! We learned that you are supposed to say Prescott like biscuit - that's how they knew we were tourist. There was a great cafe/lounge bar we went to with yummy coffee and great beer (Jimmy was in craft beer heaven on this trip!), we had a great time just chilling and watching the town.

We stayed at this cute hotel, The Grand Highland, it felt like we stepped into the 1920's and Jimmy picked the native themed room. I loved the blue Pendleton throw, and the claw-foot bathtub! It was not real porcelain, but I'll take it! After a nice continental breakfast we explored some antique shops and the city before we left. I found a cool metaphysical shop and while exploring an antique shop I quite randomly found 1800 thread count sheets for SUUUUPER cheap! I had to buy some. We have a king size, so those sheets get expensive and with less thread count, but these sets were only $35! I never thought I would buy sheets on vacation but I am glad I did, haha! At that same shop I found some beautiful vintage post cards. My dad and I have a tradition sending each other post cards while traveling. It is so fun to get post cards in the mail! SO I sent one of these to him and Jimmy sent one to his mama. It was really great to reconnect with Jimmy on this trip. We both had gotten so busy with our jobs, and life just happens, so we really embraced this time to just explore and go on dates again.

By the end of this day we went through Jerome, a small ghost town, and landed in Sedona! I will share those pictures in another post, so stay tuned!

Lunar and Crystal Blessings,

Marissa Moondaughter

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