Lunar Eclipse: Blood Moon

Last night was a big Lunar shift. The United States had the honor to witness the first total Lunar eclipse of 2014. It is known as a Blood Moon because the moon will look red-orange due to the Earth's shadow. This is a powerful sight to witness and behold. A total Lunar eclipse is when the Earth is directly in between the Sun and the Moon, casting our shadow over the Lunar surface. This picture from Starry Night Education is a great look at this phenomena.

So much energy swirls in the cosmos with a Full lunar eclipse. We are directly in the middle of the Yang energy of the sun and Yin energy of the Moon. Restoring balance to our Yin/Yang energy is important during lunar eclipses. We are being cosmically embraced by our celestial father and mother. The balance of light and shadow, acceptance of this dance is crucial now.

With the Full Moon in Libra, relationships are on the forefront. Relationships we are in and are relationship with our self. How must the balance be restored within and without? This resonates with me so deeply. Jimmy and I are at a crossroads right now. A lot of huge changes are on the horizon for us and we basically threw all our shit out on the table. It was harsh and eye-opening and so needed. It feels like a clean slate for both of us. I asked him what he needed from me: "I need you to focus on yourself and love yourself." And I said so lovingly blunt: "I need you to get your shit together."

I am projecting on him how I expect him to show up for me right now, but honestly I don't even show up for myself at all. I didn't want to hear those words from him. And I am sure he didn't want to hear mine either. But this clearing out was needed. 

“Consider the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Libra a time to restore the harmony and balance on many levels but especially the emotional. Relationship to your emotional self and emotional intimacy may be helpful now. What a wonderful opportunity to clear away and heal the heart energy center.” ~Mystic Mamma

I received this beautiful painting of myself yesterday. So fitting for the Blood Moon - remember who I am. Love and embrace my light and dark. Thank you Rachael Treetalker for your beautiful talent.

And this is my image of the eclipse last night. Luna looked so otherworldly. So honored to see you yesterday Mother Moon. I hope you all embrace what needs healing and clearing out to restore your balance loves. Embrace the energy of this Lunar Eclipse and surrender to the cosmos.

Lunar and Crystal Blessings,

Marissa Moondaughter

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