Golden Tooth Giveaway!

It's giveaway time! Lexi from the Golden Tooth is giving away one of her beautiful Labradorite Moon necklaces! I am so honored to have her here!

phonto (17).jpg

What inspired you to use bullet casings?

I loved the idea of reusing something like a bullet casing, taking something that once held one type of energy and filling it with the beautiful energy of crystals. It also helped that it was something that was easily available to me through my family, who all enjoy shooting, and afterwards will collect their bullet casings and send them to me. I think that added a special element to the process for me, personally.


What is your inspiration? How do you find it again and again?

I'm definitely inspired by nature and I think I draw most of my inspiration from the joy I find in being outdoors. That is why I am so drawn to crystals: they are like holding a piece of mother earth in your hand, and I love to feel in tune with her vibrations. I also love that nature is both fluid and rigid, in that there's beautiful curving shapes and lines, but also geometric patterns: both things I incorporate into my jewelry.

What is your creation process?

For my bullet necklaces, it always starts with the crystal and I move sort of organically through the process from there, finding the right size bullet casing, deciding what length chain will suit that particular crystal best and then choosing what other elements I want to incorporate in the finished piece. I generally create this way: with a rough idea, letting the finished pieces come together as I work.

How do you wish to grow?

I'd definitely like to see The Golden Tooth expand into more styles, which is exactly what I am working on right now with my new moon pieces, like the one featured in this giveaway. I also would love to start regularly producing rings. This is a more labor intensive process though, and requires me to have regular access to a studio with a soldering torch, but I hope to manifest that sometime this year.


How do you incorporate the Moon into your daily life?

I always try to honor the different phases of the moon and the different energy she brings with each cycle. I try to be especially aware of the new and full moons. I opened The Golden Tooth on a new moon, with purpose, and I generally try to start all new projects and ideas during the new moon phase. I personally thrive during the full moon energy as well, and I try to do a private ritual each month to celebrate that energy. It's a great time for meditation and manifestation. :)

what is your favorite crystal and why?

Now that's a hard question to answer! My favorite personal crystal, that I use in my day to day life would probably have to be the lithium candle quartz that my parents purchased for me in Austin recently. I suffer from mild anxiety, and often have trouble falling asleep because of it, but holding that crystal in my hand at night always helps to calm my mind and body.

If we're talking favorite TYPE of crystal, it would have to be ajoite. That's definitely something I spend far too much time searching for and looking at online, haha.


Thank you so much Lexi for your talent and gorgeous offering!

Enter in the widget below!! I will contact the winner when the giveaway is over! It ends on 3/14! Good luck, loves!