Chakra Series: Heart

Take a Deep Breath...



Go ahead and take a tally of which statements apply to you right now. Check all that apply and don't think twice about it - go with your instincts.

#1. Do you...

  • Guard your heart? 
  • Tend to put a cool exterior on?
  • Have a hard time giving your time and energy to others? 
  • Isolate yourself?
  • Feel unworthy of love?
  • Sabotage your own happiness?
  • Have a cynical perspective?

Tally: _____

#2. Do you...

  • Give and love with all your heart?
  • Receive love easily?
  • Have healthy and loving relationships?
  • Love yourself?
  • Do you like to help others?
  • Connect deeply with your loved ones and tribe?
  • Feel the love all around you?

Tally: _____

#3. Do you...

  • Give and give and give?
  • Aim to please no matter what the cost?
  • Wear your heart on your sleeve?
  • Have little to no boundaries?
  • Have a hard time letting go of people/relationships, even if they are unhealthy? 
  • See the world through rose colored glasses?
  • Save little love for yourself?

Tally: _____

If you scored more in the #1 zone....

Your heart chakra is under-active. It is either closed or under stimulated. You have given up on love. You have built a wall around your heart and only a few, or maybe no one not even yourself can get through. It is an isolating phase to go through. Do not forget there is love around you. Being with yourself. Know you are worthy enough of your own love. You are enough, you are enough, you are enough. Fill your love reserves and you will begin to see the love all around you and the people who want to you to receive theirs. It may take time, but your heart chakra will bloom once again. Give yourself healthy doses of compassion. Your walls will melt away and you will be able to give and receive love balanced and equally. Carry rhodonite to help you forgive and have compassion.

If you scored more in zone #2...

Your heart chakra is open and pretty well balanced! You know how to give and receive love equally. You sense and embrace the love all around you and welcome it with ease and peace. You know the foundation of a happy heart chakra is the love you have for yourself. You will not compromise your self worth because of the deep love you have within. This means you have healthy, loving relationships and know when you need to release them when they no longer nourish your soul. Keep your heart open by accepting love from others and by keeping a relationship with yourself. Carry rose quartz, or the love stone, to balance your love and gently keep your heart open.

If you tallied more in zone #3:

Your heart chakra is over stimulated. Ask yourself, why are you trying so hard to please others? What is the hole you are trying to fill? What do you yearn so much for out of a relationship? Can you find this within yourself? Look deeper at yourself and your answers will be revealed. Your heart may feel overworked right now. You give and give but receive little. Will you balance your reserves? Take time for yourself? Pamper yourself? Will you let others do the same? You must learn to receive again to restore balance to this chakra. You deserve this. Carry prehnite to restore your fatigued heart.

Heart: I love

The fourth chakra is the heart chakra, or 4th energy center along our spine. The heart space connects our Higher chakras and lower chakras - our spirit, mind, and body are connected by love. The heart chakra is the realm of our relationships and the love we give and receive. Balance is key here. If we give too much of ourselves the reserves will be empty. If we give too little the store will become stagnant and dead. We are built to love, but also built to protect ourselves as well. We can love and still have healthy boundaries without any guilt. This is when our heart chakra can truly bloom and sing.

In my e-course Chakra Rhythm, we will address this chakra more deeply and thoroughly from a holistic approach - encompassing the mind, body, spirit, and emotions to bring this chakra back to balance and openness. It begins April 7th! I hope you will join us in this 7 week adventure! 

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Tomorrow we will explore our relationship with the Heart chakra!

Chakra Blessings,

Marissa Moondaughter

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