Chakra Series: Solar

Take a Deep Breath...



Go ahead and take a tally of which statements apply to you right now. Check all that apply and don't think twice about it - go with your instincts.

#1. Do you...

  • Lack courage to follow your dreams? 
  • Not understand your purpose?
  • Feel unmotivated to try? 
  • Have a hard time making decisions?
  • See the cup as half-empty?
  • Put yourself down?
  • Feel like nothing will ever work out for you?

Tally: _____

#2. Are you...

  • Confident in who you are and what you stand for?
  • A champion for your dreams and beliefs?
  • Not afraid to stand up for what you believe in?
  • Energetic and motivated?
  • Competitive and always trying to move forward?
  • Certain everything will always work out?
  • A happy and self-assured individual?

Tally: _____

#3. Do you...

  • Get tunnel vision when it comes to your goals?
  • Take on too much for yourself to handle?
  • Lose your temper easily?
  • Make brash decisions you later regret?
  • Work too much with no down-time? 
  • Feel burnt out?
  • Tend to get egotistical or arrogant?

Tally: _____

If you scored more in the #1 zone....

Your solar chakra is under-active. It is either closed or under stimulated. You snuffed out your flame. You feel discouraged, disheartened, maybe even depressed. It's hard for you to see the positive because you have lost your path. By opening the chakra again you will regain your sense of worth, remember your dreams and move forward again. Answer these questions to help you light your fire again: what do you want from life? What are your gifts? How can you use these gifts to help humanity? What path do you want to walk down? Take baby steps - what small actions can you do to help yourself right now? And take them. Carry citrine with you to energize your solar chakra and find the positivity once again.

If you scored more in zone #2...

Your solar chakra is open and pretty well balanced! You are confident and have the motivation and will power to manifest your dreams to reality. You radiate positive warm energy like the sun and people are drawn to you. Remember to stay focused on what you want to draw to yourself - positivity attracts positivity, negativity to negativity. As long as you tend your inner fire by following your passions, remaining grounded in who you are, you will keep shining! Keep your fire blazing with the help of an aragonite star cluster- it looks like warm campfire!

If you tallied more in zone #3:

Your solar chakra is over stimulated. When we do not tend our inner flame, like a forest fire it can be all consuming. You may be known as a workaholic, or take on too much for one pair of shoulders. This is not healthy and will only hurt you in the end. This is when we get too stressed and bad tempers flare. It is great you know what you want and go after it, but you can also relax and enjoy yourself. We live in a go-go-go society, so a lot of people have over working solar chakras. Take time to calm your mind. Book a vacation, a spa day and do not feel guilty about it! Reward yourself for your hard work! You deserve it! Calming stones like ametrine can relax this chakra and contain your fire.

Solar: I do

The third chakra is the solar chakra, or 3rd energy center along our spine. We have ventured from the the yin energy of the womb to the yang energy of the solar plexus - this is where our inner fire is kindled. Yang energy is active - our motivation, will power, courage and confidence radiate from the chakra. When you are feeling unmotivated or  afraid of moving forward tend this fire of yours to light your soul path.

In my e-course Chakra Rhythm, we will address this chakra more deeply and thoroughly from a holistic approach - encompassing the mind, body, spirit, and emotions to bring this chakra back to balance and openness. It begins April 7th! I hope you will join us in this 7 week adventure! 

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Tomorrow we will explore our relationship with the Heart chakra!

Chakra Blessings,

Marissa Moondaughter

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