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Today's guest post is from my dear Reiki sister, Elle North, from Drawing Within sharing her experience as a Reiki healer. She gave me a Reiki session and it was so so so affirming. She will describe her process below, but I wanted to share my experience as well. And my oh my the messages she gave me were so spot on and so clear to me. They gave me goosebumps as I read them. The first message was digging deep into the earth - rooting and grounding. Something I always need. And I am absolutely loving and diving into Mother earth through gardening at the moment. This brings nourishment back to me and I have honestly never gardened before! My love for it only began a little bit before the session and now my garden is blossoming! This is only one of the messages I received and I am so grateful. After our session she contacted me so quickly with my messages and insights from her. She genuinely cares and wants to support you. I really appreciate the time, care, reiki and love she has sent my way. After our session I felt so calm, inspired and empowered on my path and I am sure you will too.

My journey to Drawing Within has been a long time coming.  Since I was young, and especially as a teenager, I have known that I am innately intuitive.  It's a part of me; it's here to stay.  As I got older I became a student of yoga, and started studying the energy of my body.  I realized that I could not only see and shift the energy within my own body, but also work with the energy of others.  Around the same time, I started to play with Tarot cards, make TONS of art, collect crystals with healing properties, and meditate on a daily basis.  I became certified as a Reiki Master/Teacher and as a yoga teacher.  I started teaching meditation and offering Tarot readings to friends.  But things were just beginning.

As I started to offer my skills to others, I noticed I was boxing them in different categories.  Then one day, everything came together.  I was working with a group of women online offering them distance Reiki healing sessions.  Working with people over distance is probably one of my favorite things to do...for some reason seeing people energetically instead of physically helps me to dive deeper.  As I was working with these women, something completely different and wild (to me) started happening:

I couldn't stick to just doing Reiki with them.

I was getting spot-on messages for them, phrases and whole sentences.  I was sensing stones that would help them along their journey.  Meditations to help them feel the way they wanted to feel.  A tarot card reading to help answer some questions.  A drawing that meant something to them.

All of that, ALONG with the distance Reiki.

Everything came together so beautifully and felt SO good to give and share.  I had found a calling by combining all of me, by giving all that I had to offer.  & the feedback I was getting was heart-warming.  I could be of service.  I could help others find clarity and affirmation.  I could help with the healing process.  It was (& still is!) an amazing feeling.  That's my inspiration.

& that's how my Intuitive Reiki Sessions were born.  That unique offering was the catalyst behind creating my own little spot on the internet, Drawing Within.  

& I'm still growing, shifting, learning, adding on.  I am taking Marissa's CMP course and right now am diving into the Moon.  She's showing up on my poetry and tarot readings.  She's reminding me about my intuition and my anxieties.  She makes everything come together, and is guiding me to share her insight with my clients.  I'm so glad to have the moon as a part of my healing practice and am excited for the next stages of the CMP course.

Dear readers, I'd love to offer you a gift.  Until March 31st, use code "MOONDAUGHTER" to receive 15% off a 1-hour Intuitive Reiki Session

Xoxo, Elle // Drawing Within

Xoxo, Elle // Drawing Within