Chakra Series: Sacral

Take a Deep Breath...



Go ahead and take a tally of which statements apply to you right now. Check all that apply and don't think twice about it - go with your instincts.

#1. Do you...

  • Feel drained? Depleted of emotion?
  • Dehydrate easily?
  • have a hard time allowing your emotions to move you or through you? 
  • Feel disconnected from your femininity?
  • Have your moon-time sporadically?
  • Wish to feel more deeply and surrender to your inner tides?
  • Have a hard time listening to your intuition?

Tally: _____

#2. Are you...

  • Connected to the moon?
  • Creative and flow with your inspiration?
  • Emotionally balanced?
  • In-tuned with your moon-time?
  • Intuitive, compassionate, and feel deeply ?
  • Embodying your feminine essence?
  • Comfortable sexually?

Tally: _____

#3. Do you...

  • Overreact or become over-emotional?
  • Feel like a wet rag?
  • Allow your emotions to control you?
  • Have painful or heavy moon-times?
  • Live in your own fantasy world? Or daydream to the point of interference?
  • Overflow with creativity and inspiration, but can't control it?
  • Become easily overwhelmed?

Tally: _____

If you scored more in the #1 zone....

Your sacral chakra is under-active. It is either closed or under stimulated. It is time to wake up and feel once again. A closed sacral chakra is common in people who have experienced sexual abuse of some kind and cannot heal this area. Trusting people again emotionally, whether it's your therapist, partner, friend, or loved one can help to open  and heal this area. Begin to journal and ask yourself how you are feeling. Be honest with yourself - feel what you need to feel. Then ask, what do you need to balance this emotion?  Is it a hug? A good book or movie? A hot bath? And then give this to yourself... you deserve it. Carry carnelian with you to energize and open your womb center.

If you scored more in zone #2...

Your sacral chakra is open and pretty well balanced! You are able to ebb and flow with your emotions. You let them surface, let them feel and affect you, and because of that, you are transformed. You cultivate compassion for yourself and others. Because you can flow with your tides, you can listen to your intuition and trust her guidance. You feel a deep connection with the souls around you and people are drawn to your energy. You know when to dive into your dreams, you know when to relax into them, and you know when you need to emerge - restored and renewed. Cultivate a relationship with the moon and your moon-time and carry moonstone with you to keep yourself balanced.

If you tallied more in zone #3:

Your sacral chakra is over stimulated. You may be on an emotional roller coaster right now. Your cup is overflowing making your energy and emotions scattered. Take time to rest and be. When you find yourself getting worked up, take a moment and pause. Feel your feet touching the earth. Supporting you. Take three deep breaths and ask yourself how wil you let your love and light shine in this situation? Find moments to just connect with yourself and others in simple loving ways. Calm your womb space and balance the waters once again. Ocean jasper is a beautiful grounding stone the helps you gently navigate your tides.

Sacral: I feel

The sacral chakra is the second chakra, or 2nd energy center along our spine. This is our womb space - where we create, feel, procreate. Our emotions are o vital to our humanity. It is so important to keep them in harmony with our spirit. If we allow our emotions to control us we cannot create healthy relationships or boundaries. If we do not allow ourselves to ever feel anything, we isolate ourselves from others but most importantly ourselves. Chakras teach us the art of balance. As challenging as it may be. 

In my e-course Chakra Rhythm, we will address this chakra more deeply and thoroughly from a holistic approach - encompassing the mind, body, spirit, and emotions to bring this chakra back to balance and openness. It begins April 7th! I hope you will join us in this 7 week adventure! 

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Tomorrow we will explore our relationship with the Solar chakra!

Chakra Blessings,

Marissa Moondaughter

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