Chakra Series: Root

Take a Deep Breath...



Go ahead and take a tally of which statements apply to you right now. Check all that apply and don't think twice about it - go with your instincts.

#1. Do you...

  • Feel stuck in mud?
  • Want to sleep all day?
  • Feel lost in your career? 
  • Not know what your roles are in your family? Friends? Tribe? Community? Universe?
  • Not trust the universe?
  • Is it hard to love yourself?
  • Are financial burdens weighing you down?

Tally: _____

#2. Are you...

  • Connected with nature?
  • Grounded in who you are?
  • Trusting in the universe and yourself to guide your life?
  • Abundant and flow with gratitude?
  • In healthy relationships?
  • Connected with your body and nourish yourself?
  • Loved unconditionally?

Tally: _____

#3. Do you...

  • Stress about the future?
  • Over indulge in food? Spending? Luxury? Sensuality?
  • Have a hard time trusting those around you?
  • Find it hard to be alone?
  • Create anxiety and stressful situations for yourself?
  • Do you become codependent or needy?
  • Do you live in fear of lack? Fear of the unknown? Fear of love?

Tally: _____

If you scored more in the #1 zone....

Your root chakra is under-active. It is either closed or under stimulated. It is time to reclaim yourself. Know who you are, know what you do, and know what you love.  The root is the foundation of our being, in order for us to grow our root must be healthy. We carry our self-worth, security, and family issues within this chakra. We must heal and accept our past in order to move forward and keep moving. For an under active chakra come back to yourself - ground yourself in who you are and in Mother Earth. Connect with Nature, nourish your body with food and exercise and love and accept yourself as you are right now. Carry garnet or ruby to remember the love you have inside you.

If you scored more in zone #2...

Your root chakra is open and pretty well balanced! You are grounded in who you are and are able to create healthy boundaries and relationships. You love yourself and you feel connected to the nature around you. Keep yourself rooted. Keep watering your dream seeds with love and steps forward. Remain grateful for the abundance flowing through you and around you. Carry red jasper to keep your root chakra gently stimulated and open.

If you tallied more in zone #3:

Your root is over stimulated. You may be over-spending, over-eating, over-indulging, but ask yourself what are you trying to fill? What void is missing? Your root is wanting you to address this. Avoiding will only separate you from yourself and others more. Ground yourself in Mother Earth. Find your sanctuary within - where material things are not necessary, where just being is fulfilling. You can do it. Remember to focus on the here and now - how is your breathing? What are the sounds around you? The smells? What do you feel? Come back to the present and everything else will be easier to manage. Smoky Quartz is my go to root chakra stone to keep me from over-indulging and remaining practical while connecting me to my intuition. MY FAVE STONE EVER :)

Root: I am

The root chakra is the first chakra, or energy center along our spine. We connect to this energy in the way we perceive ourselves in the world and the way we survive in this world. Family, security, shelter, food, the physical body all affect this chakra. Primal instincts are embedded in this area - if we live in fear this will affect every thing else around us and through us. If we feel stuck in the past, we can never move forward in wholeness. This chakra is so important to heal (my root chakra is the weakest of my chakras, believe me, I know!) in order for the other chakras to flow in harmony. 

In my e-course Chakra Rhythm, we will address this chakra more deeply and thoroughly from a holistic approach - encompassing the mind, body, spirit, and emotions to bring this chakra back to balance and openness. It begins April 7th! I hope you will join us in this 7 week adventure! 

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Tomorrow we will explore our relationship with the Sacral chakra!

Chakra Blessings,

Marissa Moonduaghter

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