Word of the Year: Abundance

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I chose this word for so many reasons. It's an uncomfortable word to me and I want to get to know it intimately in 2014. I want to live free of debt, have more joy and health, and truly flourish and make the most of these 12 moons. Most of all, I am ready to step out of my lack-mentality. Lack of money, lack of self-love, lack of direction, lack of energy, lack of wisdom, lack lack lack. 

I am putting my foot down and saying, "yes, I deserve to have what I need and desire." But it still comes out uneasy through my lips - almost selfish to demand this of the universe. 

The picture above is a part of an abundance crystal grid I made on the new moon January 1st. And since then so many new doors have opened up for me, especially Moondaughter. It is a huge reminder to me that being abundant is staying grateful - even while struggling. 

And it has been a struggle. And I have let bitterness get the best of me this month. My boyfriend is in between jobs at the moment, but is sending applications and going to interviews left and right. (He just had a great interview today, and has a second on Friday! Please send us your positive juju, this would be a great job for him!). Right now I am the bread winner and it makes me uneasy - how easy I slip into gender roles! BUT I am grateful he is trying, I have a job (I have a 9-5 job as well as Moondaughter) and we can live with what we need. We are healthy, we have love, we have our cats, and we can eat. We are good! 

For abundance I want to work on these aspects:

Physically: Stay active and create a Yoga routine, ideally everyday, or at least some kind of movement. I figure abundance means energy flow - and I want to sustain healthy energy flow through my body - I have been too stagnant for too long sitting at desks my whole adult life. I need to get moving again. Another flow, is to embrace more water (SO hard for me) and higher vibrational food, like raw fruits and vegetables. I am hoping by the end of 2014 I can say I am a raw vegan - or at least 80%. This is a huge lifestyle change for me, so I am allowing myself ease and time and transition.

Finances: I want to be free of credit card debt. Phew, that's a big one. And I just started paying my student loans back. But this year I would love to release those debts so I can put that money towards savings and the student loans. We live in a separate guest quarters of Jimmy's dad's place at the moment, but we don't know how long we have there - maybe only til May. I would like to put money towards a place of our own, most likely to rent, and I am praying Jimmy gets a job before then. I'll keep you posted!

Spiritually: I want to get back in touch with my spirit. Meditate more and find the stillness within - the place where abundance dwells inside of us. KV from Aquarius Nation said in a year from now my Saturn Return will be very deep and psychological; I am already feeling that pull within to go deeper and listen to my guides and not seek external approval. I want to meditate with my crystals more, walk once again in the Goddess path and give back. Every waxing moon, I am leading a Reiki prayer request completely free - you can send your prayer request here.

I am really excited for what is to come this year - I have a feeling a lot of change and growth are coming. And I am ready to embrace it - stay grateful - stay present - stay grounded within myself. I hope your word challenges you to grow into your highest potential.

Say with me, "We deserve it."

Lunar and Crystal Blessings,

Marissa Moondaughter

moon my compass // intuition my voice // crystals my companions

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ps... I want to thank everyone who has taken my moondaughter survey so far. I appreciate everyone's thoughtful, loving, supportive responses. More than i can say, truly. They really do help me. Moondaughter is so special to me and I want to make her the best she can be for everyone. I am taking into account everyone is saying. I will leave it up for a couple more days and email the winner privately <3