What Moon Phase are You In Right Now?


As we go through chapters in our life, I believe these phases can be guided by the Moon. We dance with her ebb and flow each month, each season, each day...  The moon is a reflection of our inner landscape. What moon phase do you resonate with right now? Maybe it is because this phase is the medicine you need right now.


So I ask you what Moon Phase are you in at this moment?

New Moon Phase - You are going through a huge rebirth. The slate has been cleared, and maybe it has been a hard lesson to learn from, maybe stemming from loss, or a need to release - but know it is for soul growth. Approach this season with excitement for all the new possibilities and opportunities waiting for you. You are embarking on a new adventure, you are the student of life once again. Set your intentions and enjoy this ride.

First Quarter Phase - You are youthful and vibrant right now. Your energy is light and free. You maybe more social right now, wanting to enjoy your friends and the company of your community. It is easy to indulge and feel scattered in this phase because your energy is buzzing everywhere. Try to focus all your energy on positive activities and relationships that fill your soul up. This is a time to tap into your creativity and move forward in your goals. The Moon teaches us that every phase ends, but will come back - so take advantage of your energy right now! 

Waxing Gibbous Phase - This phase is a transition - you are on the cusp of the Maiden & Mother- you are still in your prime, your energy is still full, but you feel in your bones a huge transition will be taking place soon. You have wisdom and the energy to focus it. Now's the time to dream big and make great gains towards your intentions. This transition can feel uncomfortable, but you are on the precipice of something big! So do what you can and walk through this door.

Full Moon Phase - This is a phase of abundance, prosperity, nurturing and overall a time to celebrate! You may have just become a mother, whether it's to a sweet baby soul or in the process of conceiving, or you have birthed a creation or business. Take a moment to count your blessings, and give thanks. We forget sometimes to be grateful when everything is aligning the way we want it to. Remaining grateful keeps us abundant in all ways. This is also a great time to give back. Know that you have reached a peak on some level and this energy will begin to wane, but it doesn't have to be a crash or a negative thing. You are loved and blessed always.

Disseminating Moon Phase - You have reached the peak of your mountain, whatever it may be, and now is a time to reflect on your journey thus far. Take an inventory of your body, mind, and spirit. During the waxing phase when we are getting sh** done, sometimes we forget to check in with ourselves. Check in. How are you feeling? What have you learned? Where is your energy? You are still feeling full from the Full Moon, but you are slowly coming down from this high. Check in and ground yourself. Accept this downward journey into yourself you are approaching.

Last Quarter Phase - You are in hibernation mode. People and social activities exhaust you right now, and that's okay. Deep reflection and incubation need to happen in your soul right now. Rest and reflect when you can. Crone energy is coming to you right now, so embrace this wisdom and enlightenment when you receive it. These messages will be very clear to you. You may need to let people or things go in this phase so you can truly rest restore your energy. Stay quiet and listen. This phase can feel daunting, scary, and test your patience - but you will be strong for it when you rebirth once again.

The Moon has taught me that energy comes and goes. We are cyclical creatures and the energy will come back again. Just maybe not as we think it should. Watching the moon change in the sky gives me comfort knowing she will come back again. Nothing is ever truly lost just transformed.


Whatever phase you are in embrace your Moon


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Lunar and Crystal Blessings,

Marissa Moondaughter

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