Nesting Inspiration

We will be moving by October 15th (ah!), it's so close! I have been on pinterest finding a lot of pretty nesting inspiration. My goal right now is to detox and simplify as much as possible. But I tend to be a collector of little trinkets and a lot of crystals, so we shall see.

Here are some lovely photos for you to enjoy. Click on the images to see the whole picture:

one //  Agate shelves! how beautiful!

two //  I love the light and colors of this room

three //  Laura always inspires me

four // I want to try this!

five //  I love the eclectic curiosities on this shelf

six //  I actually splurged and got this set. A little pricey I must admit, but my oh my is it perfect.

seven //  I need a desk/work table like this. Jimmy is tired of me taking up the bed :/

eight //  I love this idea for a fireplace - layering it with lots of different candles

nine //  This is so inviting!

ten //  Our space is big enough to create a little dreamy corner like this...

eleven //  I want these pillows!

 twelve //  THAT RUG. I know it's from Ikea and one day it will be mine.


On Friday there will be an awesome giveaway. So come back and enter!

Lunar Blessings, 

Marissa Moondaughter

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