Guest Post: Feathering the Nest starting 9/30!

 I am delighted and honored to be here in the Moondaughter space today! Thank you, Marissa, for opening your doors to me.

My name is Leah Kent, and I am a teacher, maker, designer, and the founder of Skill It. I am also one half of the team offering “Feathering the Nest,” an e-course to guide you through making your house into a cozy, nurturing home. My co-creator and co-teacher in this project is Stephanie Perkinson, of Wellness by Design, a certified holistic health and lifestyle coach.

When Stephanie and I met we recognized that we are kindred spirits in every sense. We instantly bonded over our shared love of art, design, sewing, and finding small & simple ways to breathe more beauty and soul into our living spaces. We think that the things you choose to surround yourself have a profound effect on your mind, body, and spirit.

When our homes are in balance we create an environment that nourishes us from the inside out. Spaces that are arranged to enhance the flow of energy and are accented with things of beauty that we truly cherish bring us joy. This supports us in all of our other pursuits, like parenting, work, creative expression, and community activities. Stephanie and I both believe that when our homes reflect our soul’s true desires, it amplifies them and you feel more relaxed, supported, and alive. And we also believe that creating that kind of sanctuary is something we can all do if we follow our intuition and our hearts.

Stephanie and I both find ways to practice rhythm in our homes and cultivate a connection to the feelings and energy we want to create for ourselves and our families. One simple touch we both love is to create little mantra stones and tuck them around the house. Right now I am focused on the words Relax, Play, and Flow. This is how I want to feel when I am spending time in my space, and it’s the kind of welcome I want to offer to all of the friends and family who spend time here, too.

DIY: Mantra Stones


If you want to make your own mantra stones, you can gather a few smooth rocks, either found or from a floral supply store, and choose the words that have meaning in your life. With a paint pen, let your creative vision for each word unfold onto the surface. Once you’ve written your mantras onto a few stones, you can place them around your house in places where you’re likely to gaze upon them often. My favorite spots include:

The bedroom nightstand

A window ledge above my kitchen sink

On the edge of the bathroom counter or shelf

In the garden

It’s often these simple ways we can breathe more love and intention into our homes so it not only reflects the beauty inside of you, but nurtures and gives back to you. And that is what Stephanie and I offer in Feathering the Nest, an eclectic journey through your home and a sensual path to self-discovery. A treasury of writing prompts, printable worksheets, and a community of like-minded souls to support, encourage and share with one another.

Whether your space is large or small, rented or owned, anyone can learn how to infuse each corner with your essence to create a sanctuary for you and all who inhabit it. If you’d like to learn more about the class that starts on September 30th, just click here.

Stephanie and I are delighted and honored to be able to share a special gift with the Moondaughter community. If you would like to join Feathering the Nest this Fall, please use the code MOONDAUGHTER at checkout to receive a 15% discount on the course tuition. 

 **A side note from me: This is a beautiful course I was honored to be a part in, and I am so glad they are offering this again now that I am moving! This course is so luscious and soulful! Thank you Leah and Stephanie!