The Winds of Change

I am back! It has been too long. I hope I can get back into the swing of blogging, I have so many drafts of posts I want to write, I just need to sit down and do them!

How are you loves? I miss you. 

I am back from vacation and it is really hard getting back into work mode. Mammoth was beautiful and Autumn was changing the colors of leaves to vibrant oranges and yellows. There was birch trees everywhere! I have an affinity for birch trees and I will share that later.

It is still hot down here so I hope by wearing autumn clothes the weather will get the hint right? I Hope!


While I was in the mountains, I had a profound experience while hiking that brought up the element of air for me. I drew a maiden mother crone spread for me and it was very relevant to my life right now. For the maiden I drew shaman to remind me of my spiritual path, for the full moon it was pertaining to loss and release, on which the day of the full moon I saw a snake! Powerful medicine! For the waning moon I drew daughter of air. A couple days later we found this really windy spot on a trail and I sat down to meditate and I was reminded of the card. Her hair is windswept and she is at peace. I'm going to explore the element of air more and see where this leads me. And then on the way home I asked the cards how I should start and I received Spirit Guide and the images are so similar! I must go on a journey with my guides and I'm excited!

When I think of Air, I think of changes. The Wind comes in and blows everything away to start anew. I feel my bones changing. They are becoming sturdier. I am holding myself up more.


And already changes are occurring. We are moving into a nicer area. More private, bigger, we can save money. We have a big window! We will be there by Oct 15th. And like the snake I want to shed. Shed all my excess layers and materials. Live simply and hoard crystals ;) 

I want to implement healthier changes in my body. Wake up better. Eat healthier. Move more. I just had my first initial consultation with Katie from Conscious Apothecary. I am taking the Natural Living and Wellness Journey and I am already so excited. Her passion for wellness is fueling my motivation. She will be helping me transition into a vegan diet... I will keep you updated!

Moondaughter is changing. I want to simplify. I will be adding seasonal e-course packages for 2014. Lunar Flow will be offered 4 times a year. One for each season to help us prepare our mind bodies and spirits for the changes as the wheel turns. The Autumn Lunar Flow is almost to a close and it has been such a blessing. I keep meeting the most beautiful souls! I am blessed this is my soulwork. Truly.  The Winter session will be starting on the New Moon of Dec. 2nd this year. You can sign up anytime before then!

Tarot Journey is starting in October!  I am so excited for this course. This is the second course of the CMP, but you can take this course alone as well. This course is all about building your relationship with your cards so you can connect deeply and intuitively with each reading for yourself or your clients. If you want a standard meaning for each card, this course is not about that. You can easily just read the book for that. I am more interested in how you interpret and connect with the cards! We will be working with traditional spreads as well as creating our own! You can sign up here!

I am also offering a smaller workshop 22 Meditations: The Major Arcana. 22 days of audio meditations and journal prompts moving through the Fool's Journey. This will be one part of the Tarot Journey course but I am offering it as a separate, more affordable workshop for anyone interested. This begins on Oct. 18th as well.  if you are in the Tarot Journey already, don't buy this! It's included :)

Whew! I hope that covers everything! This next New Moon will have a fun giveaway, I promise :) 

Lunar Blessings, 

Marissa Moondaughter

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