Lunar Beauty: Earth Signs

I do not know much about astrology ( I depend on KV ;), but I love to explore the elements in each sign. Especially in regards to the Moon. Since the Moon travels around us very quickly, She passes through each sign every 2-3 days. Each sign is ruled by an element - earth, air, water, or fire. Each element has its own constitution and personality.

So today we will be focusing on the element of Earth because it is a waxing Gibbous in Taurus! 

The earth signs include: Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

Earthy types like to have routine and nourishing rituals. Great for skin care! The waxing moon is also a time when our skin and plants are most absorbent. Make sure to put organic and moisturizing ingredients on your skin for maximum potency!

In honor of the earth element and the earth signs, I am focusing on dry herbs, crystals, and clays for beauty.

Try this recipe for a non-soap cleanser on any earth sign day, especially during the waxing moon!  I love this app to tell me what sign the Moon is in everyday.

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My skin is super dry at the moment, so this recipe is intended for dry sensitive skin like mine:

4 parts ROSES: this beautiful flower is great for dry delicate skin. It is gently astringent and adds hydration. 

2 parts CHAMOMILE: this flower soothes the skin and helps heal acne scars, rashes, and eczema. It's very anti-inflammatory.

1 part JASMINE: this flower also helps with dryness and is antiseptic. 

I part MEADOWSWEET: these little dry buds offer balance for combination skin and extra exfoliation.

2 parts KAOLIN CLAY: this clay is the most common clay is masks and common makeup and is one of the more gentle clays. It cleanses and purifies. 

6-12 drops of Essential Oil (optional): I chose Geranium and Lavender for there calming and soothing properties. You could even use Tea Tree and Rosemary for more clarification. 

Combine all dry flowers in a coffee grinder (only used for grinding herbs) and grind until it is fine with no clumps. 

Add the clay and fine herbs in a mason jar (or whatever container you want, I prefer glass) and add the drops of EO now. Then mix! 

I surrounded this jar with amethyst and rose quartz because they are known to nourish the skin and help prevent acne. I will be creating a crystal grid like this one and charging it on the Full Moon on the 17th. 

To use the cleanser, simply scoop out a nice amount (i would say no more than a tablespoon) on to your fingertips, add water, and apply to your face and neck in upward strokes. I actually like to add raw organic honey too. Honey is great for the skin. 

During the waning moon, this would be great as a mask to draw out impurities and create a nourishing detox for the skin. Try to use masks on earth signs during the waning moon! Simply add water, honey, or plain yogurt and allow it to sit for 20-30 mins on your skin. Your skin will love you!

Remember, everyone's' skin is different, so you may not get the same results as me or someone else.

All I can say is that it smells beautiful, has a pretty light pink tint, and it makes me feel pretty using it! I hope you enjoy!

Lunar Blessings, 

Marissa Moondaughter

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