New Moon Giveaway: Sisterhood

Physically, I have never had a sisterhood. I grew up mostly hanging out with my brother playing micro machines (super fun, btw) and never thought too much of it. In school,  I had a very outgoing personality and I could make friends pretty quickly and easily, but mostly surface level. It was very unknowing on my part too - my feelings were always genuine, but my subconscious made sure I never got too close and there could always be a door for me to exit out of. I would never voice my inner-world, but I wasn't fully connected to it either. So I made a lot of acquaintances up until I graduated high school. 

Transition from high school to college was tumultuous - I threw myself into a new city, I knew no one, and a lot of very sad heart breaking events ensued that I will not share here. I will just say I suffered PTSD and it has taken 8 years to heal and still healing. However, I opened spiritually like I never had before and I found the path I walk on now, though it was very rocky and hidden in the beginning.

This was when my quest for sisterhood began; realizing my tribe was missing - my sisterhood of kindred souls I could love on and feel loved back, no questions asked. I began to seek.

And I have been searching ever since. There has been sadness and loss in my search for sisterhood, quite recently, but lessons are being learned and my heart is still open.

My passion lies within the moon, spiritually living and healing, and that's why I am creating my lunar sisterhood, Moon Rhythms. So we can circle each esbat, learn and grow from each other using our magical gifts and create a magical sisterhood out of love and sacredness.

I am giving away 5 seats in this magical community beginning the Full Moon of July 22nd. Each seat represents and honors an element:

Seat 1: Earth: This earth goddess will win a seat in Moon Rhythms and I will send her a beautiful piece of Red Jasper - an earthy, rooted stone of Mama Earth 

Seat 2: Air: The fae who wins this seat will also receive  a piece of Sodalite - a stone for opening the third-eye and the realm of wind

Seat 3: Fire: This fiery Goddess will win a seat and a piece of Tiger's Eye - a stone for forging on courageously, blazing your own trail

Seat 4: Water: The Ocean nymph winning this seat will also receive a piece of Ocean Jasper- a stone who nourishes our deep well of emotions.

Seat 5: Spirit: This sacred soul will win a seat as well as a piece of the Clear Quartz - the highest vibrational stone for spiritual awareness

Enter below in the widget! 

Moon Rhythms: A Sacred Community of Healers, Gypsies, and Moon Children

During the opening of the circle, I will also be giving each member a live one-card reading via youtube. It cannot be super in-depth, but it will be a fun opening and initiation into our sisterhood. I hope you can join us! Here is the event page.

There will be a private page for members with free goodies and discounted prices to my workshops and a private FB group for community. 

For more information about Moon Rhythms click here

 (there is a sale right now too! 20% off using the code: SUMMERDAZE on my etsy shop!)

The winner will be announced next Monday evening! 

Lunar Blessings, 

Marissa Moondaughter

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