Stone Medicine: Rose Quartz

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Stone Medicine is back! I have missed writing about my stone friends and I am finally getting back into the swing of things. 

The other day when I wrote my Nest post I was hard on myself. I felt rough and raw, so I turned to Rose Quartz. She is a gentle love spirit and the most well known love stone. She gently soothes and calms the heart chakra with warm, loving waves. She is just what I needed (and lots of cuddles with my boys). 

Rose Quartz can be carried around with you to attract healthy and loving relationships as well as heal your own self-love and body image issues. I like to carry mine around and when I hold it I whisper love affirmations like, "I am love," "my relationships are nourishing to my soul," "I am surrounded by love always," and so on. It is powerful medicine! 

She is also known to be helpful with boosting circulation, soothing skin issues, and gently easing heart conditions. Put a couple of rose quartz chips in your bath, toner, or serum to boost your beauty regime. See if they work for you!

My personal favorite is creating love crystal grids. Crystal grids use crystals in geometric patterns to create very specific energy vortexes for specific reasons. The more creative and intuitive you are with your grids, I think the better. Here are a few I have made using only Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, and Moonstone.

To activate your grids, you have to state your intention and connect the crystal energies together with a wand or your index finger, tracing the outline of the grid and always connecting it back to center - kind of like connect-the-dots! All the while, visualizing your intentions and how they look and feel like as if they have happened. Feeling yourself in love, visualizing a romantic getaway or wedding, a day of completely being in love with yourself! Whatever you visualize, feel it in your heart and you cannot go wrong. Keep your grid on your altar or safe place away from animals (my cats are relentless), until you feel the work is complete!

Most importantly, discover ways you connect with Rose Quartz and build your relationship with this loving stone. It will be a beautiful affair! 

Love and Blessings,

Marissa Moondaughter

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