Stone Medicine: Solstice Charge

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Happy Litha; Summer Solstice; first day of Summer!

I know I rave all about the Moon (and always will), but I got to give credit to the life-giving sun. I am finally accepting how much I need his warmth and energy to balance my Lunar qualities I am so comfy living in. Balance is so vital - I am still learning this.

This is the longest day of the year, the peak before the light wanes to the lowest at Winter Solstice. Take advantage of the active energy and get outside today. I think that is the best way to honor Litha!

And because solar energy is so powerful and purifying one of the number one ways to cleanse your gemstones is in fact laying them out under the sun. Some crystals do fade though, like turquoise, so be careful.  

I am taking full advantage of this amazing solar energy today to cleanse and charge my first bulk shipment of crystals for Moondaughter. I am leaving them out all day and all night to balance the solar and lunar energy. 

I will be using these crystals in custom Moon ceremonies, crystal/lunar kits, and my soon-to-be offering Moon Stoned; custom crystal kits for you to ride out each phase of the moon in your own unique way, so stay tuned!

Happy Litha and have fun today! Charge your crystals!

Love and Blessings, 

Marissa Moondaughter

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