Roots: Spirit Led Business with Laura Emily

I am honored to call Laura Emily my friend and mentor. I am continuously inspired by her bravery to be completely raw and vulnerable. And she seriously has one of the most generous souls I know. I am really excited to be apart of this group coming up on the Summer Solstice. Thank you Laura Em, for everything.


This isn’t just a business women's circle- No, love. This is a circle of Sky + Earth. Together we expand our Visions, one holding the other, reflecting, and standing in communion. 

I’mlooking for a group of fearless and wild women ready to manifest their passions into a form of living. Earth medicine andholistic living fully and completely in whichever craft she chooses. I’mlooking for the Baba Yagas, stirring the cauldron and holding communion withthe plant people. For the woman who identifies with the Healer archetype and iswilling to cultivate that role. For artists, writers, medicine women andstudents of the stars to come together and build something beautiful,individually and together.

Roots: Spirit Led Business Designis a 6 month Women’s Circle of community, support, inspiration, and gentleguidance in developing an at home business using your passions and spiritualgifts. Roots was born out of my desire to repackage Daughters of Earth for alarger group to reach more women and help support them on their path ofcreating an income doing what they love. Where Daughters of Earth, now a closedgroup to the public, excels in intimate connection and collaboration, theformat of Roots excels in community, support, and inspiration- and for that, I am super excited to be a part of this circle!

  • Weekly discussions each Monday.  
  • Monthly group Conference calls over the following: 
  • business set up (license, taxes, web domains, branding), 
  • blogging/websites, 
  • networking, 
  • identifying narratives, 
  • tracking/increasingprofits, and expanding. 
  • Ecourse/Ebook design are KEY concepts we will belooking over and building, as well as promoting outside of the circle.   

Mygoal for the group: Receive guidance and support (from the community) when defining your offering,acquiring tools-  both mundane andmagical- building inventory, label & design, tracking financial flow,marketing and advertising, building a brand, developing an audience,networking-networking-NETWORKING. To equip you with the support, community, encouragement,and tools to build and sustain your own business so that it may support andsustain you in return. Not a group for those looking to sustain their hobbies-but rather for those fearless women looking to create a substantial monthly incomedoing what they love.

Armedwith herbs, life coaching, nutrition, metaphysical, alternative medicine,images and art, photography, space clearing, folk, shadow work, journaling,wellness or spiritual coaching- from start up to launch, we will cover everydetail to build and develop your own holistic offering and sustain itfinancially to support your greatest intentions.

Notonly are we here to cultivate our work and support the other women in the group,we are here to uphold our own holistic health with accountability, sharing, andsupport. 

NOTE: If you are not called topulling the element of Spirit into your business and personal offerings, thismay not be the right course for you. While Roots is not affiliatedwith one path or faith, teachings and course content will circle around aligningwith Spirit in all that we do. Keep this in mind when deciding if this circle is a right fit for you. 

Keepingthe cost low so everyone who felt called to join would be able to is of highimportance for me- however opportunities for Intensives (one-on-one work) willbe made available as an optional choice to get individual feedback and supportfrom me for your goals and visions each month. These monthly intensives areover two days with limited spots (8 seats), and are first come first served.More information on Business Intensives will be provided at the start of the group.

Enrollmentis a small monthly subscription. Due to the method of content and community being provided, there are no refunds. There is a short exitinterview for those who’d like to cancel their subscription and exit thecircle. Information on canceling your monthly subscription will be provided to group members at the start of the group. 

Standardenrollment fee: $15
Apothecary Circle Member’s enrollment fee: $10
Students enrolled in the Holistic Life Coaching Certification Course: $7

We begin on theSummer Solstice and close on the Winter Solstice 2013.
Enrollment will remain open after the start of the group, but monthlysubscription will be increased. 

Click HERE for ROOTS registration listing. 

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Q: Do I need a previous business or project before joiningRoots? 
A: Nope! Roots is perfect for the woman who desires to take her passions andlife callings and package them into a business format to sustain her. If thedesire is there, but your 'idea' isn't defined or clear, circle up with us forinspiration, bouncing ideas around, and getting encouragement to dive in andtry out new things. 

Q: I've been running a home business for the past year. What canRoots provide me? 
A: So much, love. I cannot stress the importance of community, support,collaboration, and networking a circle can provide you and your current work.Joining in a circle of community willing to hold you and support you will takethings to the next level. In my own work, community helped me extend past mymonthly goals and visions. Let us support you. Spread your name. Collaboratetogether. And offer feedback and support for what you are building.

Q: I was looking forward to joining Daughters of Earth, how doesRoots differ?
A: The bad news is Daughters of Earth is a closed group now tothe public- but the good news is the Roots circle is not so different! It'srepackaged just slightly so it an hold a larger group of women. One-on-one workwith me for a business intensive will be offered for limited seats each month(like a Daughters of Earth crash course in two days!) for a small fee, so ifyou are desiring that D.O.E. one-on-one work, it will still be provided-otherwise, all the same topics, content and curriculum from Daughters of Earthwill be present to Roots!

Q: If the content is the same as DOE, why is the price dramaticallyreduced? 
A: DOE came with weekly one-on-one business coaching with me. Roots does not.We'll be doing a monthly conference call, but one-on-one work with me isreserved to the Business Intensive workshops each month. Another reason why theprice was dramatically reduced was because I'm chewing and working through aradical shift in my life calling. More and more I am seeing that a larger groupof women are willing to support me with my offerings- and since I am not out tobe greedy or make a fortune, I am asking just for what I need to sustain myselfwith the energy exchange of my work. Hence, I've dropped my prices radically,so I can open up courses for larger groups of women. This comes with lessone-on-one with which has been helpful with my current health issues. But Iwill always offer that option for an additional fee for those who desire it(such as the monthly Business Intensives). I've been insanely blessed andencouraged by the notes of appreciation for making my offerings affordable andattainable and I am committed at this time to continue doing as such until itno longer sustains me financially. We all gotta eat. :) 

Q: Can I sign up after the start, June 21st? Say, like in August?
A: Yes. Roots enrollment and registration will not close, but the monthlysubscription will increase- and discounts for AC and HLC members will no longerbe present. Instead, monthly subscription will be $17 across the board. To getthe discount, sign up before June 30th. Enrollment will not be offered inDecember, our last month, however. 

Q: Will Roots be continued or done again in the future?
A: At this time, I'm not sure. We'll see where spirit leads us! 

Q: I'm not on Facebook. Can I still join?
A: No, love, that won't work. We're using a private facebook forum group for Roots and will notbe meeting in a third party website. Consider making a private facebook profileto join in the group (or using a fake name for a profile, if you don't want tobe looked up by friends and family). I understand facebook-dislikes. Trust me!I do not keep a personal profile with family or friends I see face to face. ButFacebook has been a beautiful and useful tool for online groups and community-and for that, I'm grateful! 

I'd absolutely love to have you circle up with us, gorgeous! What are you building? What are you dreaming? What is your vision for your life? I am beyond excited to hear about it and support you!

Laura emily.jpgmay you build a beautiful life, reflecting earth and looking towards the sun + moon.  it is my ultimate desire to assist you on that path, tending the fire, examining the roots, and facing the morning sun together as we build something beautiful. Recently Good Earth Living, my herbal practice stretched and danced, but was ready to be laid down to rest, making room for spirit-filled intentions and gifts from my heart to yours. Pull up a seat with one of my ecourses on holistic and spirit led living, become a certified coach through my Apothecary Circle, and by all means, pass me the tea and lets chat one-on-one about the vision you desire to manifest. Love, how can I support you in this? xo, le +

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