Moments: Winter Transition

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  1. layering my fall clothes
  2. happy it's finally raining here!
  3. Indy let me put a blanky on him!
  4. Theo likes the new window addition finally. 
  5. a Labradorite ring I had to get for myself ;)
  6. we picked out our tree!
  7. winter altar set up
  8. turning into ornaments :) I think my cats stole the antler though...
  9. peek-a-boo!
  10. tree decorating in progress

December is always a fun time of year for us. I love decorating for the holidays and this is Indy's first Christmas! He is not impressed with the tree, but Theo loves it! Also Jimmy and I share the same birthday week! His was the 4th and mine is Sunday the 8th. We have been celebrating and this weekend Jimmy is not telling me where we are going! He has a little surprise up his sleeve and I am okay with that :D

I hope your December is full of joy and celebration!

Lunar Blessings,

Marissa Moondaughter

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