Guest Post: Manifest


Was your 2013 lackluster? Did you set goals at the beginning of the year and get about halfway through them–or lose the paper you wrote them on? Or maybe your year went really well, on paper, but you felt like it was lacking spirit. Do you love planners, but have yet to find one that addresses all aspects of your life? If you’re looking for a little bit of guidance to get your year started on the right track, and a nudge to keep you going, Manifest is the workshop for you.

Manifest is a New Year’s guide for daughters of the moon, soul sisters and earth goddesses. On the surface it’s about planning, organizing and setting intentions. But if you dig a little deeper, it’s about crafting the year you want to have and manifesting abundance–creating real magic in your life! This workshop is designed for women who don’t identify with traditional planners. My sisters that can’t fit into someone else’s cookie cutter idea of success. The beautiful souls who struggle to stay on top of their goals and make resolutions that stick. And the best part: you will be part of a community of like-minded women supporting you on your journey.

When you join this workshop you will have access to:

  • Materials to help you review the year you’re leaving behind and release anything you need to let go of
  • A checklist to help you close out the year
  • Prompts to get you thinking about what a successful year would look like for you
  • Ideas to help you set intentions and a step-by-step guide to making them lasting and achievable
  • Creative activities to help you manifest your vision for the year ahead
  • Assistance with writing your personal mission statement
  • Instructions for crafting a Life Management binder
  • Planners to help you get organized and stay on track, which will be updated throughout the year
  • A private Facebook group to share your progress, get feedback and support
  • Monthly emails to remind you to plan and review your year as it’s happening
  • Seasonal and lunar reminders and activities for setting intentions
  • Two half-hour coaching sessions with me to help you along the way

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Jessica is a sun-bathing, moon-howling mother, lover, mentor and healer. Her home on the Internet,, is all about empowering women, helping them to become more self-aware and teaching them techniques for personal growth. She describes herself as generous, excitable and amazing. She likes Chinese food, Italian food, Mexican food, food in general, drinking tea and reading tarot. Although she never got her letter to Hogwarts, she lives in a world of magic and wonder, and hopes to give her children a magical childhood. She's not a fan of dimming her own light, being afraid to take the leap, or talking in the third person.
She hopes to be a channel of power, healing and guidance for the beautiful souls she encounters. She and her boyfriend live in the heart of America, Kansas City, MO. And she loves you.