My Deepest Thanks

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I am so in awe. I am so humbled. I am so loved. And I love you all for reaching out to me with so much compassion and unconditional love. You have taught me something so important. I finally realize I have been the worst judge of all. I have been the prosecutor. No one else. Every time I have allowed myself to reach out and share, I have only received love, compassion, sympathy, and support. I was always shown gentleness. Not from myself, but from others.

I always told myself no one would understand; no one would look at me the same; no one would love me. This affirmed my isolation and the wall I built around my heart. Sabotaging my growth and healing. I should show the love to myself that you have so generously and unquestionably shown me. Thank you for this pivotal moment. Thank you thank you thank you.

I am still soaking in each love note you have given me, in the comments and personal messages and emails. I feel so blessed. You are healing me. I will take the time to reach out to each of you as you have reached out to me. 

 And even for those who are quiet, thank you for witnessing me. Thank you for letting me unravel. 

My deepest thanks to all of you.  

My heart is radiating. I love you all.



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