Nest: Feels Like Home

This weekend I finally felt like myself again and unpacked and organized the rest of our place. It was so healing. When I made Nest my word of the year, I didn't realize how it would really affect me. Finally my roots feel comfy. There's more intention in my items. I feel at peace. I've never felt comfortable sharing my space, but now I feel the energy is exactly how I want it to feel.

 And as you can see, my boys are happier in this place. They love to look out the window and climb on all the shelves. It's tricky to keep things cat proof when the majority of my decor is crystals, hah! I have to pack away my large crystal ball everyday (I will share it soon!) so the boys don't think it's their toy....

This coming weekend I will be visiting a soul sister in Santa Barbara. I am so looking forward to my time with her. We can be goofy, soulful, inspiring, and loving all at once. I can't wait! I have a massive to do list before Friday, but thank goodness Mercury is out of retrograde! I will get things done! I have some fun posts in mind! I hope you all have a wonderful Monday <3

Lunar Blessings, 

Marissa Moondaughter

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