Chalice Tarot Spread: Healing Our Wombs

In my course Tarot Journey I shared this spread this week, but realized I needed to share it with all women too. We all have wounds we carry in our wombs, and my reading was so powerful, I couldn't not share it. May this spread help you on your healing journey.

 ::excerpt from the course::

As we dive deeper into the darker half of the year, Persephone walks deeper into the underworId. It is a time to face our deepest darks. As women, we carry a lot of our burdens in our wombs. I created this spread to open more healing channels for my own womb, but it felt too powerful not to share. It is shaped as a chalice, or goblet, in honor of our feminine essence and sacral chakra. Our wombs are often called sacred chalices of creativity, fertility, and sexuality. This spread could even help men connect to their own Yin energy and the women in their lives

May this spread, and your guides, bring more light and healing to your deepest darks, loves.

  1. You and your wound now: This card represents how you are coping with your womb wound in the present. 
  2. Foundations: This is the underlying cause or source as to why this wound came into being. It could be karmic, situational, or rooted in the past.
  3. Subconscious: This card delves deeper into why the wound is still affecting you. This can be the underlying needs or desires you are not aware of and can stem from the past when you received this wound. 
  4. Inward action: This card represents the healing step you need to make to move forward. This is inward and within your own mind, body, and soul. 
  5.  Outward Action: By taking the inward healing step, this would be the balancing outward healing step you would take next.
  6. Inward Energy: This card represents the inward energy you need to further balance the womb after healing steps have been made. This could even hint at the outcome of your inward healing journey and how you would see or treat yourself when wholeness is found once again.
  7. Outward Energy: This card shows you the balancing outward energy you need to bring the healing full circle and to balance the delicate womb. This could also indicate what energy you would be radiating outward to the world once healing is complete.

:: my own healing spread :: 

My HipstaPrint 988055793 (1).jpg

This was the reading I gave myself in regards to my deepest dark. I cannot even describe how spot on it was. Every card revealed so much truth, honesty, and healing. Almost all the healing cards had an eagle in them, or at least feathers. The element of air is so strong around me lately, I need to work with eagle medicine and air more. I have a feeling air would bring more balance to my intense emotions, and bring a sense of detachment to move forward.

The bottom cards show the foundation and subconscious needs regarding this wound. The reversed Mother of Earth (queen of pentacles) shows my lack of regard to my body at that time and, of course, my lifelong mother issues. The subconscious position gave me Daughter of water (page of cups) telling me my yearning for love in this relationship outweighed what my body was trying to tell me (I felt the red flags all along). But really these cards still reflect parts of me that are still in my under currents. There are so many layers in Tarot.

The only Major Arcana cards are in the positions 5 and 7 -- the outward manifestations of my inner healing work I must do. By going within, meditating and finding inner peace with myself, it will bring long lasting positive lessons on my path. My view of life will be shifted as shown through the card Vision Quest (the Hanged Man) and my fate will change for the better seen in the Small Medicine Wheel (the Wheel of Fortune). I just feel so relieved. Relieved I have the power to move through my grief and relieved I have the support from all of you. 

I am still wrapping my heart and soul through all the cards and your sweet sweet words. I just had to share this next healing step I took. Without you all, maybe I wouldn't have made this spread and asked these tough questions. All I know is that everything happens for a reason. I truly believe that.

I love you all so much. 

Lunar Blessings, 

Marissa Moondaughter

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