New Moon Giveaway: Blood Moon

Happy Libra New Moon! Blood Moon is the October moon for Samhain, All Hallow's eve, remembering the dark womb we come from and our ancestral connection. A sacred moon cycle indeed.

This giveaway is a great one! Enter in the widget below! Winners will be announced a week from now! 

One person will win: 

A spot in Moondaughter's Tarot Journey! 

Starts the Full Moon of Oct. 18th

 a 12 week journey....

Weeks 1-4:  relationship building with cards, tarot altar, DIY tarot bag creation, consecrating/cleansing your deck for readings, 22 days of major arcana, audio meditation for each one , tarot portraits 

Weeks 5-12: two weeks for each minor arcana suit, including activities to read more intuitively, 12 different layouts for each week, and how to make your own tarot party!

 What you need: your favorite Tarot deck, a journal set aside for your studies, and you will be assigned a tarot partner to practice readings and layouts!

This journey is a part of the Certified Metaphysical Practitioner program, or it can be a stand along e-course to help you on your spiritual path.

A second person will win:

A Spot in Jessikat's Holistic Mornings! 

Starts Nov. 11th

 When we are intentional about our time, we can accomplish a lot more in a day. We can be happier and healthier when we nurture all the aspects of our life. When we wake earlier and dedicate time to a holistic morning routine before we have to give ourselves to our other priorities, we are setting ourselves up for happiness, productivity and fulfillment.

The Holistic Mornings Challenge was developed with this concept in mind. It is six weeks of guidance in adopting the self-loving habit of developing and following a holistic morning routine. How is this challenge going to help you?

  • Every morning I will have a post up with some inspiration and guidance for starting your day. Some days we will focus on individual aspects of your health, and others we’ll have a wider gaze. There will be activities, meditations, journal prompts, tips and suggestions for exercises. This challenge is Spirit-focused, so we will talk about energy, herbs, stones, elements, divination, manifesting abundance, creating miracles, and, most excitingly, real magic. We will focus on the season we are in because the cycles of the seasons reflect the cycles we go through in life. When we take the time to consciously go through each cycle, we can grow in ways we never imagined possible.
  • I will create PDFs of all the exercises and you will have access to my exclusive planners designed for living a holistic lifestyle. I’ll have tons of resources available to you throughout the challenge and will be offering exclusive deals on my other products.
  • Access to a private Facebook group where we will check in on our daily progress and provide support to everyone in the group.
  • I’ll also be playing matchmaker! Part of the Holistic Mornings challenge will be to start a daily gratitude practice with a partner. If you want, you can send me a brief description of yourself and I will hook you up with someone. If you already have someone in mind for this practice, just let me know.

The third person will win:

Gwen Davies' 2014 Lunar Calendar! 

Gwen Davies is an artist who hand draws beautiful lunar and earth-based spiritual prints! This calendar is vibrant and stunning! Her Wheel of the Year print is always on my altar too!


I'm 100 away from reaching 1000 likes of FB. Go like my page and comment on this picture to enter to win a choice of taking the CMP training or 3 month Lunar Weaving! Two ladies will be chosen once I reach 1000 likes!

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