Foggy Mornings and other Contemplations

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I always forget how frustrating Autumn weather is here in Socal. It still gets into the 80's at the end of October. This makes me miss Napa in the Fall. Cloudy, rainy, and cool... just how I like Autumn. We are finally getting misty mornings now, and for that I am grateful. And it is slowly cooling down. Socal Autumns are teaching me patience. 

As I have been reflecting on this season, this is probably the most loving and heart warming Autumn I have ever had. November is a dark month for me, with a heavy anniversary, and I usually begin to feel it settle in my bones in October. I become more withdrawn, I act out and throw tantrums, and I throw a pity party.

This time it feels different. I am gathered in sisterhoods, I am sharing my passions and soul work, I am surrounding myself with support and positive vibes from people, animals, and crystal companions and I just feel stable. Sturdy. And loved. I am finally holding my own lantern and its warm glow is settling in my shadows. Its a nice and different feeling to experience. And I want to keep it.

I think after 8 years, I will finally create a healing ceremony for myself around this anniversary. It's time to be free. I am not sure if I will ever share, but I am throwing this out there for the Universe to hear.

 Thank you Autumn for letting me lean on you. As the leaves fall, so do these unneeded layers.

Lunar Blessings,

Marissa Moondaughter

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