Cup of Tea: Red-Tent Tea and Ritual Kit

Just had to share. 

Beautiful Earthy Moon Goddess, Lindsay Luna created a Red Tent Tea specifically for your moon-time. 

"She's choosing to have more of these soft, delicate, moments with herself. She's taking these pauses in her day. Something sweet, unexplained comes to meet her at these times. Sometimes she hears herself releasing a deep sigh.

She's discovering the richness of those moments 'out of her head'. Everything inside & outside comes together in a harmonious song. It leaves her soothed & refreshed. -Sukhvinder Sircar 

This blend was inspired by a dream a dear friend had about me creating a feminine infusion for our monthly moon.

Lovingly prepared using gemstone infusion of Moonstone, Carnelian,  Unikite and  sacred mantra.

Moonstone is gentle and soothing and encourages you to "go with the flow".  Carnelian is associated with the root and sacral chakras - it stabilizes energy and is known to revitalize the blood. Unikite is a gentle yet powerful stone that brings about connection and aids in female reproductive health."

Included is:
  • 2 oz organic botanical blend of:  Red Raspberry leaf, Saw Palmetto Berries, Hibiscus, Shatavari, Vitex berries, Red rose petals and buds & Ginger root a little ,magic and a lot of love.
  • Hand stamped Cotton drawstring bag - includes offerings and directions to make a moon bag.
  • And, my Moon-Time E-book including worksheets, journals and rituals to honor your sacred flow.
You can purchase it here.

Take time to honor what makes you feminine. Honor yourself, loves, you deserve it.

Love and Blessings,
Marissa Moondaughter

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