New Moon Giveaway: Nourish Offering

Happy New Moon in Taurus! 

Taurus New Moon is earthy; inviting all your senses to indulge and nourish.

And I can't think of a better giveaway than this. 

One lovely soul will win this: Ally Sand's Earth Oils Nourishing kit with the Headache Relief Oil, Aura Cleanse Gemstone-infused Massage Oil, a set of the Full and New Moon Bath Teas, and a Quartz crystal mined from the San Diego Desert!

Here is some info about the Goddess behind Earth Oils:

I started this shop after a long time dream I had to make a crystal infused line of products. I started putting crystals in my massage oils a few years ago, and I wanted to bring the healing powers it gave me to the world. I have also suffered with migraines since my teenage years, and I have been using my own roll on remedy which I have infused with amethyst and quartz for its extra healing powers. I am a huge lover of baths, and I always take a cleansing ritual bath before practicing any kind of spell or during full/new moons. I created a unique set of bath soaks and teas for you lunar ladies who wish to cleanse your body before any kind of rite on the full/new moons or just want to feel extra special and relax in a luxurious floral bath. Everything is made with organic essential oils and all the bath soaks are fragrance free to allow the natural scent of the herbs and flowers to really stand out. 

I personally have her Headache Relief Oil and I love it! The Peppermint is not crazy overpowering but smells so intoxicating and feminine. And it does the job quickly! I love that it is a roll on for easy application to my temples, forehead and neck. I would almost wear it as perfume!

Her links:


Another reader will win one of my fave necklace designs from Roots & Feathers: Celeste

Laura's designs are so beautiful, earthy yet other-worldly and so full of soul. 

Her links:


Last, but not least, another winner will win these two AMAZING prints from the artist Gwen Davies!

Aren't these beautiful?! The details are breathtaking.

I had originally ordered them just for myself, but me living in the US and her in Wales, it took longer than expected to get here. I contacted her about it and she immediately and generously sent me another copy. A few days later my prints actually arrived, and these ones too! I knew I had to share the love and asked her if I could include them in the giveaway and she was delighted! So whoever wins these beauties, I will be shipping them out to you from the US and they are still unopened and untouched :)

Her links:

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The winners will be announced in one week's time!! Good luck!

Love and Blessings,
Marissa Moondaughter