G-Ray and Other Thoughts

This is the last show I helped with at CSUF. And the artwork is so so stunning. The artist is named G-Ray and his mediums are so varied, this is not even 1/4 of the pieces that were in the exhibit. He used to be a teacher at CSUF when it was founded and he helped to establish the art department to what it is today.  These are a few of my favorite pieces.

These structural pieces are completely handmade with a glue gun! He started this collection in 2010 and there are more than 50 in this series. And he is 80 years old. He is still inspired to work and create. I hope I can be as energetic and vibrant when I am 80 too!

I am done with school. I am ready to release these outdated beliefs I have about higher education. I feel so much freer than ever before. Student loans will be a pain and money will be tight, but I will be happy doing what I love.

I realize I have been severely  neglecting this blog and I am sorry! I have been so focused on the relaunch that I haven't stayed present here with you all. Blogger has been so good to me and I have met so many wonderful people through it! But I am super excited for this new chapter!

I also mailed out my final test to be a Certified Crystal Healer! Ahhhhh! I will know in a month or less! Send me good juju!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend too! I just saw Epic yesterday, and it is really cute! Go see it! I wish I lived in Moonhaven and I want to be a Leaf Woman! <3

Love and Blessings,
Marissa Moondaughter