Our Animal Spirit Guide; Our Sweet Theo

Our sweet Theo

Theo is in the hospital right now, and I am devastated.

Saturday he was pretty mellow, Sunday totally stuck to our bed not wanting to do, eat, play, explore nothing. I was worried and kept telling Jimmy something was up, but he didn't seem too concerned. So I shut my gut up (NEVER DO IT).

This morning, I noticed he was in the same position for the last 8 hours or so. I woke up at 5 am I was so worried. He just stared at me with his sweet eyes, and stretched his arm out to me with a little purr. He ate a little, drank a little, went to the bathroom, so I thought maybe he was okay.

When Theo broke his leg in October!
When I went to work, my boss insisted that I go take him to the vet and to not wait any longer. I am so thankful for her. I took him in, and told them I thought maybe he had a hairball caught in his stomach since he had been double bathing lately (he bathes Indy constantly) and he was trying to hack up something today but couldn't.

He had a HIGH fever and was severely hydrated, and I was shocked. Cats are supposed to run 100-102, but he was almost to 105! 106 can cause organ damage. My poor baby, I had no idea he was suffering so much. I left him with a choked up bye for now, as he is being kept overnight. He is in the right care though, so I am thankful.

The x-rays came out with no obstruction to his abdomen, which is really good! But the vet said, "his liver is a little enlarged." and maybe has hepatitis. What??? WHAT???? Blood results won't be in til tomorrow, so we can't know for sure, but WHAT???

I came home to only one kitty on the bed and I broke down. Jimmy called and thanked me for taking him in and not listening to him and told me I am an awesome mother. I just keep crying. My sweet Theo babe, only one years old, how could I have failed you? We treat our cats like our own children. I am lost and devastated and can't think clearly right now, and all I want to do is hold my sweet Theo.

He is a daddy's boy, always <3

This cat has been a blessing from the Universe. Our animal spirit guide. When we got Theo, Jimmy and I were on rocky footing, but once this pure spirit entered our lives, we grew together as a family. I am forever grateful for Theo's companionship, love, and healing - he is a piece of my heart; my soul - he is our family.

We are going to fight for him, and do as much as possible for him. Please send your prayers, healing energies, reiki, good thoughts to this sweet boy. And if you feel called to, we would be so incredibly thankful for donations for his vet bills. Money is very tight for us right now, we are even thinking of selling a car, so anything would be appreciated. Thank you from the bottom of my soul and the tears in my eyes.

We love you so so much Theo. We are praying for you fiercely.

Thank you and so much love to you all,