New Moon Giveaway: Spring Offering

Happy New Moon!

Can I just say I am amazed by all of the talented people I have come across since I have been blogging here! I am so so grateful!

I have yet another wonderful giveaway just for you lovely Moondaughter readers!

This time, only one lucky gal will win these two offerings! 
Ummmm, I seriously wish I can enter too!

$40 Store Credit to Soulmakes! Their wild, beautiful bohemian jewelry is to die for!

Here's a little about SoulMakes:

The Soul Makes Beautiful Things..
Jewelry for free spirits, dreamers, rock 'n' rollers, stargazers, bohemian lovers, mystics, nomads and wanderers. 

Soul Makes is a collaboration between two love birds; MacKenzie and Trevor Mars. She is the designer and maker behind this collection of wild and free accessories and he is the photographer and visionary that breathed life into their passionate story. With jewelry designs that appeal to both men and women, our collection is inspired by all things worldly, capturing a little of the wild west, a bit of gypsy magic, and a whole lot of soul..

Their links:
<<Website>><<Shop>><<Facebook>><<Twitter: @mysoulmakes >>
<<Instagram: SoulMakesJewelry >><<Pinterest>>


An Herbal Astrology Profile by Gem at Gem Botanicals!

From Gem:

When we gaze up to the stars and deep within ourselves, we can discover a trove of teachings and gifts for achieving wellness and balance. An astrology-based approach to healing is truly holistic and completely individual -- your birth chart is a road-map to discovering your unique cosmic make-up. You will gain insight into your inherent gifts and challenges, and learn about the herbs, gemstones, animal spirit medicine, and lifestyle choices that can be allies for you on your journey. For more information about personalized astrology-based herbal profiles and my work, visit my shop and website!  

I received my own Herbal profile and it made so much sense. She pointed out to me new insights I hadn't seen before in my birthchart, but reaffirmed my health concerns. Her insight is beautiful, gentle, and wise. I love the unique and focused spin she brings to Astrology and how she incorporates nature and the elements. She offered so many ways to enhance my well-being through herbs and holistic remedies, I am excited to try them out! I am so glad I received this gift! 

Her links:

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The winner will be announced in one week's time!! Good luck!

Love and Blessings,
Marissa Moondaughter

Ps. Go head over to watch your New Moon astrology report from KV and partake in my Chakra alignment meditation!