Stone Medicine: What is Crystal Healing?

Crystal healing is an alternative health practice using gemstones to instigate healing and the realigning of the energies within the body. It is a holistic approach as it encompasses the physical, emotional, and spiritual health of the individual. Holistic healing, versus Western pharmaceutical medicine, takes in the individual factors of the patient for optimal health. The philosophy behind holistic healing is that everything in the body is connected; therefore everything is affected by everything else. Though the dis-ease may be physically manifested in the body, the source could stem from emotional, spiritual, or stressful issues, so treating the source and not the symptoms is a big factor in crystal healing.

When saying dis-ease, it means just that; breaking down the word ‘disease’ is essentially saying your body is not at ease. There is a disruption in the natural balance of the day-to-day energies, functions, and/or processes in the body, mind, and/or spirit of the individual. From a holistic approach, seeing the word this way takes a new meaning; one can and should have the power to heal their body themselves, using the natural resources the earth has provided. These imbalances can be caused by environmental stresses, toxic thoughts, and suppressed emotions. Without proper healing, these imbalances can manifest physically in the body resulting into illness, fatigue, stomach issues, etc. Crystals can help gently correct and realign the imbalances of the emotions, body, and mind, allowing the body to heal on its own.

So how do crystals realign energy? There really is science behind it. As spiritual as I am, I do believe in science and the natural laws of the Universe. I feel this explanation says it best:

"Crystals can generate energy through a phenomenon called the piezoelectric effect. This process occurs when a crystal is compressed or bent. The crystal then generates a charge or voltage on its surface. In the same way, if a voltage is applied, quartz will bend or change its shape very slightly. You and everything else in this world are made up of electromagnetic energy. By holding a crystal your electrical impulses interact with the crystal creating this same type of piezoelectric effect. The crystal begins to vibrate and the energy it creates can be transmitted to your own internal energy circuits," ~ "Crystal Energy Healing”. The Pagan’s Path.

Basically, our energy field as humans is less stable (we are made of 75-80% water) than the structure and molecular compounds of stones. By working with these more stable energies, our highly impressionable energy field interacts and becomes more balanced with the crystal energy.

Different crystals are formed at different layers, temperatures, and with different kinds of minerals, making each unique and giving off its own distinctive vibration and electromagnetic energy. Working with different stones is then beneficial depending on what kind of energy needs realigning in an individual’s body. Amethyst, for example, gives off a higher vibration due to the high heat it takes to create the crystal and the color, therefore it is usually a stone used for the Crown or Third-eye chakras (higher energy centers) to cleanse toxic thinking and habits that are deeply rooted in the mind. It is known as the “Sobriety Stone,” as it can help people with addictions to heal their destructive habits. Hematite is a lower vibrational stone because it is made deep in the earth; therefore it is a very calming and grounding stone. It helps to slow down the energy of the individual:  it can actually be used as a helpful sleep aid.

For my relaunch, I will be offering Crystal healing sessions, working one-on-one with me and the stones you need to bring balance back to your life. I am so excited!

I will talk about ways to use crystals for healing in a later post! Happy Saturday!

Love and Blessings,
Marissa Moondaughter