Stone Medicine: Moonstone

For the past 6 months I have been studying to be a Crystal Healer. I have been collecting, gathering, experimenting and I can see the finish line up ahead. Surrounding myself with crystals has been such a life altering experience for me. I used to not care for crystals at all! And now I can't ever imagine living without them.

So for this new feature, I will share a stone a week and how you can work with it for your well being.

Let's start with my favorite.

It may be obvious why this is my favorite stone ever, but also for good reason. She is packed with lots of love and healing energy. Her beautiful shades of pale, silvery white, are reminiscent of the Moon -- she almost glows.

Moonstone embodies the Divine Feminine and is related to the Sacral, Heart, Third-eye, and Crown chakras. The Waxing and Full moon phases are her realm. She helps to open ourselves to our own wisdom and intuition. She also encourages us to delve deep with ourselves as we search for our truth, helping us to connect to our Goddess-within. She helps men to connect more with their feminine side for balance and wholeness. She brings calmness, openness, patience, and love to the wearer.

Physically, she helps to regulate our moon-time- lessening cramps, PMS, balancing the flow. Carry her in your pocket during your cycle and see how she eases discomfort. I personally place a couple pieces on my Sacral chakra/ovaries laying back and relaxing during my cycle if I am having cramps.

Just the other night, my boyfriend burned his hand, and after I did what I could medicinally, he insisted holding a moonstone sphere I have while he slept because he said it was soothing. Stones have energy and if you are open you can physically feel it!

Ways to work with Moonstone:

//Charge your water with Moonstone during the Waxing/Full Moon and drink it during your moon-time//

//Wear Moonstone while having a past-life regression//

//Place Moonstone on your Sacral, Heart, Third-eye, or Crown chakras to balance the energy//

//On your Full Moon altar placing Moonstone always magnifies the energy//

//Hold Moonstone while you meditate on your purpose and connecting with your intuition//

//Moonstone on any Goddess altar helps amplify the energy//

What are other ways you connect with your Moonstone? 

I would love to hear it!

Love and Blessings, 
Marissa Moondaughter