Stone Medicine: Amethyst

Oh Amethyst, how I love thee even more now. Amethyst is a beautiful quartz varying in shades of purple due to the trace amounts of iron and aluminum. Because of her higher vibration and color wavelength, she is associated with the Third-eye and Crown chakras. She helps to open psychic awareness and connects us to the Divine. While meditating she helps us to achieve a high consciousness. I put my talismans I use for tarot/oracle readings on top of my amethyst clusters to charge them with power. I also place amethyst on my cards and always keep them on my altar where I do readings.

Physically and emotionally, amethyst is a powerful healer. She is known as the Sobriety Stone, as she helps people to release addictions and negative habits. If you are trying to release a negative habit, wear amethyst and every time you have a craving to slip into your old ways, rub the amethyst and imagine yourself free of the habit/pattern. Wear the amethyst until you feel this habit is gone! She is highly purifying and very protective of her owner.

She also known to help oxygenates the blood, which I experienced first hand the other day. I don't every really get headaches/migraines, so when I do, it knocks me out. It started at 3 pm and I could not shake the pain away no matter how much water I drank (and I really hate taking medication). So when I got home, I put lavender and peppermint oil (Thank you, Kami!) on my forehead and the nape of my neck, which relieved a lot of the pain. I then placed my biggest specimen on my forehead and relaxed like that for 20 minutes or so. 

I literally felt the Amethyst absorbing the pain from my head. And after 8 hours, my headache was gone 30 minutes!

If you only have small amethysts, I would put 1 or 2 on your forehead and one at the nape of your neck for extra measure.

So thankful I was able to go to bed pain-free. So thankful for the bones of our Mother Earth; they really are such great healers.

Have a wonderful, Saturday everyone!

Love and Blessings,
Marissa Moondaughter