Feathering the Nest: DIY Dream Catcher Garland

My name is Leah Kent, and I am a teacher, maker, designer, and the founder of Skill It. I am also one half of the team offering “Feathering the Nest,” an e-course to guide you through the process of making your house into a cozy, nurturing home. My co-creator and co-teacher in this project is Stephanie Perkinson, a certified holistic health and lifestyle coach.

When Stephanie and I met we recognized that we are kindred spirits in every sense. We instantly bonded over our shared love of art, design, sewing, and finding small & simple ways to breathe more beauty and soul into our living spaces. We think that the things you choose to surround yourself have a profound effect on your mind, body, and spirit.

In Feathering the Nest we want to guide you to finding ways for your home to not only reflect the beauty inside of you, but to nourish and give back to you, in a way that transforms how you move through each day. This class is an eclectic two-week journey through your home, a sensual path to self discovery.

We will be creating beautiful things for our homes with our own hands, getting cozy with intuitive writing exercises and cooking up some delicious recipes. You'll also receive beautiful printables to use over and over as you hone your nesting style.

A little of what you can expect:

  • Inspiring exercises to draw out your dreams & desires
  • Step-by-step tutorials for beautiful, creative projects
  • A gorgeous Feng Shui & Home Chakra map for your nest
  • Tools and resources for carving out spaces of retreat & rejuvenation
  • Ideas for energizing and bringing life into your rooms
  • Recipes for natural, lovely-smelling cleansers
  • A sacred space online to share inspiration, photos, projects, and more

Because the journey is so meaningful when we share it with others, Feathering the Nest includes membership in a sacred online space to share your experience, pictures and inspirations with kindred souls.

Whether you space is large or small, rented or owned, we think you are going to love learning how to infuse each corner with your essence to create a sanctuary for you and all who inhabit it.

If you’d like to read more about the class that starts on April 1st, just click here. And be sure to use the exclusive 15% discount code for Moondaughter readers – just enter “MOON15” when you register.

You’re probably ready to dive in and start feathering your own nest right now…so we are delighted to share a beautiful tutorial for our Dream Catcher Garland with you today. Just click on the lovely image to print yours out and start nesting with soul…


I am so happy Leah and Stephanie approached me about this gorgeous offering, since my word of the year is NEST! I want to make a dream catcher garland now! And I now have to save some pennies and take this beautiful course!

Thank you so much Leah and Stephanie!

If you have a question about Feathering the Nest, please email them and they will get back to you right away:
Leah: skillithome@gmail.com
Stephanie: wellnessbydesignsp@gmail.com

Love and Blessings,
Marissa Moondaughter