So this is a really big deal for me. Most of my family is adopted. My papa is adopted and never found anything out about his family, and so was my grandpa on my mother's side. I only know about a quarter of my family ancestry and history. I have always felt a disconnect when it came to my ancestors and family and I really think it affects my root chakra.

23andMe is a genetic research project and if you sign up you get to learn about you own unique personal genome. Our 23 chromosome hold narratives of our bodies. On both sides of the family. Ancestry and health issues. I am excited to finally bridge this gap and learn more about me and my ancestors. Not to mention,  what I need to do to ensure optimum health. They need a sample of the your spit and they do the rest.

I will share with you my findings and what makes me, ME! <3

Love and Blessings,
Marissa Moondaughter