Full Moon: The Full Moon Altar of Ally Sands

Happy Full Moon, Moondaughters!!

I felt I wasn't sharing as much Moon lore as I have wanted to for the blog. So I created my 'Full Moon' series. It is called 'Full Moon' (I know, not very original) and it will focus on sacred crafts, rituals, and specific Full Moon altars in honor of this bright, magickal time of the month! This feature will be only once a month, so if you would like to participate let me know!

The first one is the Full Moon altar of Ally Sands of Aquarian Soul 

For Ally, the Full Moon is a time to cleanse her most used crystals under the moon's ethereal light.

Her altar is low to the ground, great for kneeling and meditating, which she does before any ritual to ground and center herself. She also takes a ritual bath with essential oils and herbs to help her relax and cleanse her energy to prepare her for the ritual work.

Since January is her birthday month (Happy birthday, Ally!) she added some Aquarius symbols on her altar. This is a gorgeous vintage Aquarius pendant gifted from an old friend.

She also created a crystal mandala with her birthstone, garnet, at the center.

She always put fresh flowers on her altar because of the feminine energy and living energy it brings. 

Crystal mandalas and grids are great to make during the Full Moon to help manifest your intentions.


Her beautiful sage and smudge fan.

This Full Moon, she decided to do some tarot readings. She used this Moon Garden deck to do a past present future spread.

And she picked one card from her Animal Guide Oracle deck. It's guidance was to meditate everyday this week. 

Her sweet 18 year old kitty! Animals love the energy altars bring to spaces.

Thank you so much Ally for sharing your beautiful space with us! Go check out her amazing, magical items over at her shop!

Love and Blessings,
Marissa Moondaughter