2013: Nest

As a part of the Apothecary Circle, and also in the creation of my own Lunar Calendar, I chose a word for 2013. I actually did not have a word for 2012 and I was definitely felt scattered all year long. I love how this word has already given me focus and clarity for the months ahead.

My word for 2013 is NEST.

For as long as I can remember, I have been so un-grounded. I grew up in a tense childhood so my sense of security was always in a state of stress and anxiety. I was always caught up in my imagination and the ether plane so I would not have to face reality. In school, I was quick minded and focused a lot of my time in the element of air, because my goal was to get to college, and that would set me free. I ended up creating unhealthy and neglectful habits for myself and they have been hard to crack. I am definitely at a wayyyyyyyy healthier and grounded place in my life now, but there is still so much growth to experience.

Nesting. I am definitely not ready to hatch little babies, so that's not what I mean. But I am ready to create a space in my life which I can call 'home'. I am not one to call anything 'home'. I never get homesick (I do miss family) but growing up in California, and living both in the northern and southern regions, nothing has ever connected with me; resonated with me enough where I want sink my bones. I have only felt this kind of feeling in Flagstaff and Sedona...sigh.

So nesting for me right now looks like creating space in my home and heart to invite in simplicity and coziness. Cups of tea. Kitty snuggles. Nourishing foods. Water, water, water. More reading less internet. Creating a self-love altar in honor of Aphrodite. Healing childhood wounds. Creating more healing tools to share with my tribe <3

Have a beautiful day loves. What is your word for 2013?

Love and Blessings,
Marissa Moondaughter