Moon Calendars

Hi loves!

A couple of ladies have asked if I know of any good moon calendars, so here are a couple I recommend:

My top pick: We'Moon 2013 Wall Calendar: The Other Side

We'Moon is a great resource for women. I have had the datebook and it has poetry, rituals, and each year has a theme. 2013 is The Other Side. I am getting the wall calendar this time around because I looove how they have each phase of each day, it makes it very clear!

I love the artwork in these calendars and it definitely reminds me to stay in touch with the seasons and rhythms of the Mama Earth.

The one is fun! I have the 2012 edition and the pictures are gorgeous, but the glow-in-the-dark (the reason I bought it) is kind of weak. The phases of each day are supposed to glow but they are pretty small so maybe that's why. It was still a nice calendar though.

My favorite datebook/planner: The Sacred Journey

This datebook/planner has a calendars, worksheets, journals, and even tarot/oracle layouts, an has a lot of space to write! I write big so I need that! I have the 2012 planner and I love it.

So these are my choices, and ones I recommend. I hope this helps!

I think I will eventually have to make my own Lunar calendar and workbook...

Love and Blessings,
Marissa Moondaughter