Inspirations: Goddess Planner & Workbooks

Hello Sweets!

Do you remember when I wrote a post about some good calendars for 2013? Well most of them are Lunar-based of course, but there is one I was holding out on telling you about because it wasn't finished being created yet. They are not Lunar-based BUT they are the reason I am here today writing on this blog! 

They are the 2013 Creating Your Incredible Year Workbooks & Calendars: Life + Business Editions!

I have been ordering the Incredible Year Calendar for the past 4 years or so (it is also only $9.95, so it is a REALLY good deal pocket-book-wise!) and I was completely ecstatic when I saw Leonie also created a BUSINESS edition! This is exactly what I have been looking for to organize all my ideas for my blog and shop and create these dreams into reality. 

If you don't know Leonie, you should. Leonie Dawson is the goddess and creatrix of some UH-mazing courses and workbooks. She completely radiates positivity, abundance and passion. She is probably the most uplifting person I have ever come across ever, and she is so inspiring. 

I knew I wanted to help women, but I wasn't sure how. I would sit in my dorm room imagining a beautiful wellness center where women could come and heal and be in a sacred community. I wanted it to be an old cottage renovated for my healing center, with rooms for yoga, meditation, spa and reiki healing, and a beautiful yard women could gather for Full Moon rituals, and have their own plot for a garden. Ummmmm, I still want that! I am manifesting that into fruition one way or the other in this life! But Leonie opened my eyes to the possibility of an online sanctuary, connecting women all around the world. 

I was so excited, I purchased her calendar and Business Course (another reason I am here today!). And I am so happy I did.

Working through these courses and workbooks gave me a clear direction and purpose for all the ideas dancing in my head. 

I actually had a well thought out and PRACTICAL business plan to make these dreams into reality. Not to mention a reawakening of my joys and passions, propelling me forward to take these steps. It became apparent to me what my gifts are and what I, Marissa, could offer to the world. After that, everything fell into place and Moondaughter was created!

I bought the combo pack (only $17.95!) for the Life and Business edition and I am so excited to dive in. Her pages are so bright and vibrant and exude radiance. I am so inspired to make my 2013 be the best year yet.

I already have big dreams for Moondaughter in 2013! I am in the works of my own Lunar Calendar for 2014, Goddess workshops, and more! I know using these worksheets I will be able to manifest what I want and more, because I have already done so in the years past using these gems. 

I just had to share this with you all. These tools have helped me out so much and I know they can help you too. I am also an affiliate, so if you do feel called to purchase these it will be helping me out as well :)

I hope you all have a gorgeous day and remember to always follow your passions and dreams! The Universe WILL provide the exact resources, connections, and tools you need to manifest them, I promise!

Love and Blessings,
Marissa Moondaughter



I know I only mentioned the Business Course for just a second, but I must say this is the most useful and powerful tool I have found that has everything you need to know about how to start an online business and website from scratch. I knew NOTHING, I just knew what I wanted to do. Through this I learned practical tools to make a website, mailing lists, budgeting, marketing tips -- She puts EVERYTHING in this course. It is so so thorough and I would not be where I am without it! So if you need some direction to bring your business dreams to the next level this is it. I still use this course to this day and probably always will.